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we'll be having 2 hours of maintenance performed at our data center on January 21st at 11pm PST finishing at 1am PST on January 22nd.  For these two hours, the site will be in maintenance mode.  But we'll come back online around 1am PT/3am CT and then you night owls can come back and post to your heart's content!

We've been cranking away here on release 2.7 - it's looking like we're about 2 more weeks out from getting it live on the platform.  As we approach the release, the full release notes for what will be posted, but we have two big features coming out.  The first is a system of image galleries.  Users will be able to create image albums on their profile pages, title them, add descriptions to the photos and more.  We'll also have support for community galleries.  Christina of Huddler will put together a course on these on so you can learn the ins and outs of what you can do with them.  The other big feature is a redesign of the Your List system.  This new set up will allow much more flexible creation of sections of individual's Lists.  Users will be able to title their Lists in different ways and generally make them more customizable.

In Huddler company news, 4 new team members have been hired and they are looking to add a few others soon.  This includes some great engineers, a fantastic product manager, and possible expanding the Partner Services team!  The difference in the levels of service, and performance on EpicSki is really becoming apparent.  Thanks to the Huddler team this platform is really maturing into a more full-functioned host to our community.

We will have more details on release 2.7 later, but for now, be aware of the shutdown tonight at 11:00 PM PST.