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Breckenridge 1/23 - 1/30

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Off to Breckenridge next week for my first trip "out west".  I'll be joined by my wife, her parents, and 2 college friends.  Can anyone give me an update on ski conditions?  Uncle Louie gave me a report that was good up until last week but he has since left the area.  He said the lower parts of the mountain were in good shape but coverage was a little thin up top.  I'm wondering how much snow has fallen and how much better are the overall mountain conditions.  My wife and I are flying into Denver Saturday evening and will immediately hit the pavement in my father-in-laws Rav4.  Will the recent weather and time of day (around 6:30 pm) make this a tough drive?  Google and Mapquest estimate 2 hours.  We're staying in the a condo at the Village at Breckenridge below Peak 9.  Hopefully all our travels go smoothly, especially getting to our destination on time with skis intact. 
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It's a little spare up there right now, however, the resort should be getting about a foot or so of fresh snow this weekend. It should be good skiing.

Your drive up to Breck might be a little rough on Saturday. It will still be snowing then. I don't think anyone is expecting any road closures, but traveling will be slow-going, especially if they close the Eisenhower Tunnel to let a hazmat vehicle go through (which happens when Loveland Pass is closed). You shouldn't have any real problems in a RAV4, though. Just take it slow and watch out for the idiots.

Consider making a stop in Idaho Springs on the way up to eat at Beau Jo's. The roads should improve as the evening goes on.
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Ah, a fellow Kentuckian! You may want to check here from time to time to review Breck's conditions.  And, if this is your first venture there, be careful with the altitude.  Drink LOTS of water, easy on the booze and caffeine, and take it a little easy the first few days 'til you acclimate.  Have fun, take lots of pics, and post your trip report when you get back!
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Originally Posted by SugarCube View Post
...And, if this is your first venture there, be careful with the altitude.  Drink LOTS of water, easy on the booze and caffeine...


Unfortunately SC…I find many have a problem retarding either while out here  

Folks will be excited with some powder falling on and around this weekend but if you make an early start of it Saturday morning you should be ok provided [as xDaunt alluded] idiot has not caused popular stoppage westbound at Floyd Hill or hwy 6 juncture or tunnel approach or the roll down past the tunnel.  Yes, unfortunately it’s the idiots driving as though its dry pavement and that they’re particularly entitled to weave lane to lane gaming they’ll uniquely find the road completely open just around the corner   

Ready to rock?  Check  Joel’s foercast:

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We'll be out there the 24th-30th.  Flying out tomorrow, skiing Mon-Sat.  We have a good mix of abilities (8 of us total) from never evers to a former collegiate racer type.
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I was at Breck Friday and think conditions are similar to UL's report- groomers in good shape, but still some thin areas on the steeper stuff and in troughs.  Snowing pretty good right now in Frisco, so hopefully things will be improving although temps are suppose to be dropping with wind picking up.  I will look at the morning reports, but expect I will be going to either Vail or Breck on Sunday.
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