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Open Network Ski Graphics Design (Creative Commons License)

I recently discovered the Austrians over at Edelwiser (GoogleTranslation from German) have started a program to allow graphic designers to sell their artistry on their custom topsheet skis utilizing the "Creative Commons License" commonly used in software. Artists can specify the price for their work, and limit the number of pairs of skis to be sold if they wish. Resale of an Open Network Skidesign by another person for commercial purposes is prohibited. Once the process is complete, the graphic option is made available on their website for various models of skis and the artist gets a portion of the sale.

Edelwiser provides master templates in .CS2 (.Ai or .Psd) or .EPS for the different models of their skis you can modify in standard Adobe or compatible design products (Illustrator, Photoshop..etc.).

Some info at their ski design section of the blog (scroll down for various designs and articles..)

Interesting concept I bet will be more common in the near future for some could get your own design (or your favorite artist's design) on your powder skis from company [x] and then a matching set of carving skis from company [y]....then the same graphic on your jumping skis...