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I started my son last year (2010-2011) at age two. I was asking this same question. Whet method should I use? I learned at a very young age with a harness, so I considered that method. But the more I talked to instructors, the more I wanted something different.


Then I ran across a Hookease ski trainer and found what I wanted to use! The Hookease device is a clamp on the back side of both skis, then a hook attached to the end of your ski poles. You insert the hook from your ski poles into the hole in the clamps on their skis. Now you can control there speed, position of skis, and the edge they are on.


I used it in conjunction with an edgie wedgie, which they (Launch Pad Gear) made a much better version of. They called their edgie wedgie a Wedgease. It is super quick and easy to use. I'm amazed nobody has came up with this sooner.


The Hookease allows you to have full control of them without putting them in the back seat. They are offering discounts right now of 20% off. Take a peak at launchpadgear.com


I have been really impressed and want everybody to have the same experience as I did.


Feel free and send me a message if you have any questions.



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Bump since the question was brought up again by another parent.


Note that this thread is in Family Skiing.

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BUMP for the 2015-16 season of a 2010 Family Skiing thread.  If you read through the discussion, you'll find a variety of opinions, some suggestions for gizmos for those parents interested, and that the solution for a parent dealing with a scared child is likely to be different for a <4 year old versus ages 6 and up.  For ages 4-5 . . . it depends.


Post #1 below as well as results for Thread Starter (OP as in Opening Poster).  Family was skiing at Northstar and Sugarbowl in north Tahoe.



Originally Posted by netarc View Post

I'm considering buying a ski harness (leash?) to better help our kid learn to ski & gain confidence on the slopes ... any other folks out there taken this tack w/their kids?  If so, would appreciate suggestions on make/model and advice on use of this tool.

Kid is 5 1/2, and this will be her 3rd season learning skiing ... she's done classes, both group and semi-private.  Classes have been a mixed bag, but have been enough to at least teach her balance and the wedge.  I'd like to be able to continue her in classes, along with teaching her on occasion ourselves (she seems to do much better when learning with us, which seems to go against the common wisdom of "pop your kids in the ski class and they'll learn").

One of the main issues is that she gets quite fearful, even at the top of a minor magic carpet slope, when looking down the slope.  She's got the skills to ski down a green safely, but the fear seems to paralyze her (at least until she's most of the way down, at which point it looks like she's starting to enjoy herself). 

So my hope is that the harness tool - with me skiing behind her at the reins ;) - will provide her enough support/safety net that she can stop worrying about careening uncontrolled down the slope, and can focus on practicing her wedge & turn skills.

Thoughts/comments appreciated, thanks!!

Originally Posted by netarc View Post

the key thing I'm trying to address is the kid's feeling secure going down a slope ... and I'm talking level, bunny slopes, I'm not mad enough to track her down blues!

As I said, she tenses up w/fear even at the top of shallow magic carpet runs (although if she gets off 1/2-way up, it's fine).

Last year, we ski'd with her successfully down a long, shallow green run (if you're familiar with Northstar, the run from top of Gondola down to the village), with her holding my pole as support.  As I recall, that was quite uncomfy & unfun for me, and she didn't fell all that secure, either.  So I'm looking for some method (have tried hula hoop too, but that was only so/so).

This year, she was doing even better (wedge turns) on the magic carpet runs, but freaked out at the possibility of repeating that same run down to the village.

We're off to Sugarbowl next weekend, so I'm hoping to have some device, trick or method that'd increase the kid's level of security, at least enough so that she can begin to realize how much fun she's having once the fear's removed, or at least under control ;)

BTW, I have been practicing on skiing backwards as well - going to try that technique for the first time on the upcoming trip as well.
Originally Posted by netarc View Post

Reporting back ... went for it and bought the "lucky" harness/leash and had a chance to use it at Sugarbowl this weekend.

Overall it worked out quite well - leash was slack much of the time, so the skiing was all her; after handling the "steeper" (relatively speaking) green slopes on leash, she felt up to taking the shallower sections sans leash and solo.

A couple of vids showing the experience (not all good, as in the first vid)

So for us, at least, it seemed to work out ... we probably pushed things a bit by taking her down that short section of blue that panicked her (didn't know the mountain well enough to know there was an easier way down), but she got through it, and even wore a smile once the hard part was over with ;)
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Yeesh!  If you hadn't said 5-1/2 for the age I'd have thought you'd kidnapped my wife.  She won't go for the leash thing in public.  So we take away her poles.  

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