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What's the worst you've ever been injured skiing?

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 So if you read my TR from Blue Knob Monday you know I took a pretty good Superman fall. Surprisingly the furthest extent of my injury is a slight rotator cuff strain in my right shoulder. As I was thinking about it that is the worst injury I've ever had from skiing. I've re-aggravated a few injuries (slipped a disc out, wrist flare up from a break/tendon tear) Even skiing into a few trees (at pretty slow trees) and taking multiple Superman's 10+ feet airborne falls in 13 months that is the worst injury I have ever gotten from skiing. Maybe its the whole "invincible" thing that comes with being a teenager or it could just be a couple fortunate falls, but I have to this point avoided a major injury skiing. What about other Bears you normally dodge the bullet when you take a hard fall or are do a lot more damage than I've done to myself?
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 I was night skiing at about mach 10, tucked an entire run following my buddy, saw him cut across a trail and then I suddenly felt this incredible searing, ripping pain across my neck, my legs shot out from under me and my head smashed and bounced off the hardpack. Dazed and disoriented I got up and realized I had caught a rope across the neck....I stumbled into the lodge and was wondering why everyone was staring at me. Maybe it was due to the 9 inch rope burn that had opened my neck up and was spewing out blood.
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Whoa. That's scary Full. Glad to know you're okay, at least you got a wicked scar out of it though, right? Heh. So far the worst I've had is only a rotated/sprained ankle, so nothing serious...yet....and I hope to keep it that way, too.
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The 1980s ... second time skiing, seven years old, went over a small mogul near the bottom of the slope and bit it.  The rental binding didn't release and my right leg broke at the boot line (both bones).  The worst part was after being transported to the medical hut when they had to take the boot off.

I took one year off and got right back on.  I know bindings are a lot better these days so I wouldn't deter someone else but I  haven't skied in rentals since.
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A week after my 13th birthday I was skiing on Mt. Washington NH. Late April spring conditions (Inferno race - top to bottom shuss). Marker Rotomats failed to "rototate." Fractured tibia and fibula (perfect heel/knee alignment). Hauled off by snow cat and transported to Memorial Hospital in North Conway. I remember this nurse wanted to cut off my pants and I balked. They gave me a shot of Demerol. Suddenly the white ceiling burst into a Peter Max painting and water pipes began to float out the window. Told them they could cut off the whole damn leg if they wanted to. That was April 26, 1969 - and when the "60's" started for me.....
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Both ACL's, one meniscus, torn hamstring, catastrophic rotator cuff tear, tib/fib fracture, rib fractures, broken collarbone. Not all at once, fortunately. Take your pick.
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1 month before planned ski trip to Verbier Austria, in crappy Southern Ontario, I completly tore ACL, lateral miniscus and MCL.  Needed total reconstruction. HAd been playing cards all night before , thought I should ski the steepest hill to shake the cobwebs out.  ...Uhm oops.
For 6 months afterwards whenever in a bar with my buddy  he would randomly slap me in the head out of the blue and say "thats for cancelling our ski trip to Austria" ..

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Don't know which was the "worst" because of possible future aftermath, so I consider it a tie between the severed Achilles tendon and the skull fracture (two different accidents 20 years apart).  The skull fracture just meant a week of headaches--unless I experience some future latent problem.  The Achilles took a year's time to recover from post surgical reattachment.  Happened the third day of the season, which happened to be the best snow winter in years where I skied then.  Missing that almost hurt as much as the injury.
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Partially separated shoulder. In the trees at steamboat 1986. After the crash I got up and my right shoulder was higher than normal. I tried to rotate it and it fell back into place. BUT I was last in a line of four and no-one heard me crash. There was about 15" int he trees with a spring crust over the top. Now I had to find my ski and pole through this with one arm. Lots of fun.

Still had 2 days left on that trip. Started popping Advil like they were m&m's. It still bothers me to this day.
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Trashed an ACL while demoing new skis on heavy PA "powder" (read crud) in college.  Had the demo bindings cranked up, but my knee failed before they did.  That was about halfway through the season.  Had surgery a year later, new ACL is rock solid, but I have some early arthritis development as a result of the injury. 
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