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Garmont Sizing

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Not sure if I should throw this on the general gear thread but thought I'd try this one first.

I've been skiing in some random eBay Salomon (downhill) w's boots that are 24.5. I'm pretty newbish (skiied once in 2008, once in 2009, & 5x this year ). My real objective for learning to skiing is to go AT. So I got what I thought was a killer deal (50% off) on some Garmont AT boots... ordered them in 25.5 & 26.0. I couldn't keep the 25.5's on for more than 10mins before things went numb & the (unbaked) 26.0's fit snug, in a good way, I think?.

Before I return the 25.5's I wanted to check w/ someone out there to if this huge discrepancy (going from comfy 24.5's & having new, dbl/liner boots in 26 be snug) seems ok, or if it's because the liners haven't been baked.

I don't want to end up returning the 25.5's prematurely. In w's street shoes I'm b/t 8 & 8.5. According to http://www.epicski.com/wiki/boot-fitting-which-boot-will-work-for-me I should be 25.5 in Garmont ski boots.

Will thermofitting result in more space created?

My only experience w/ thermomoldable boots are ice climbing boots. I've seen this huge discrepancy in rock climbing shoes (one brand consistenly 1.5 sizes smaller than another brand's numberical equivalent).


EDIT: yes, I'll eventually be taking them to a bootfitter for baking, orthotic etc
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what is the shell fit like?


8.5 mens or ladies?

odds are the smaller ones will be fine, but no real way to know 100% unless someone can see your feet/boots.

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W's street shoes I'm b/t 8 & 8.5

The unbaked 25.5 were distractingly tight, esp in the calf. I had them on around the house walking around & then sitting around... after sitting up & having my legs elevated, I had no circulation after 10 mins.

I skiied a little downhill in the unbaked 26.0's & they were (eventually, after adjusting a bunch) tight but good.

I don't have the worlds smallest calves but it's not like I have fat cankles.

should I return the 25.5's? It's gonna be a while before I can get to a bootfitter (depends on possibly moving to Seattle this year).

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have you moved the upper buckles out to the max size (3 holes in the cuff) and removed the rear spoiler?

if you can't get the 25 to work on your calf, the 26 will be too big on your foot, so return all the boots, and find a boot fitter that can help you.  might cost more then a 50% off online boot, but it will fit better...
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Garmonts run a little small but if you are comfortably skiing a 24 it is very very very unlikely you need a 26 Garmont.  You cannot accurately guage length in a boot with thermofit liner by putting on boot with unmolded liner.  It is the problem with ordering online.
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 You need to check the shell fit but it sounds to me like the 25.5 is the right boot. The thermo fit liner will not be a comfortable fit unless it is heated and molded. Plus you want a good orthotic footbed as well. Toe room is created during the heat molding as these liners compress to fit. Bottom line, the right size needs to be molded before skiing.  
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