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size for Gotama Jr for my 7 year old

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Seeking some ski sizing advice for my 7 year old daughter. She's just a hair under 4' and weighs about 45 lbs (skinny/light). She's a solid intermediate...skis parallel...level 5 or so I guess...maybe level 6?

The ski is the Gotama Jr, which is rockered and twin tip. The 118 hits her forehead maybe an inch above her eyebrow when she's standing barefoot; the 128 is probably an inch or so taller than she is. If it were a flat tailed, non-rockered hard snow ski, the shorter ski would certainly be plenty of ski, maybe even on the long side, but with a rockered full twin, should I go with the 128? I'm not too worried about whether she'll get additional seasons out of them b/c she has a younger brother who can inherit them. Sure, if the 128 won't be too much ski for her, then I'd go with it so she gets an extra season out of them, but I'm mostly wanting to put her on the right size for her current height/weight/ability. On the one hand, she's very light so err on the shorter side, but on the other hand the ski has considerable early tip rise and a full twin tip tail.

So, advice from any and all is welcome, but if there are any Volkl dealers out there who really know how to size this particular ski for a kid, I'd really like to hear from you.

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 I just bought my 7 y.o. a pair of 118s today. She's a pretty accomplished skier and heavier than your daughter. The Volkl rep's son is on 128s and he's bigger still.
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Thanks, Epic, appreciate the guidance. Let me/us know how your daughter likes 'em once she gets out on them! Mine won't ski them for another couple weeks. How much bigger is she? Just curious.
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 She's 4'2" and around 50 lbs. Waiting on bindings (and then snow).

I had a heck of a time finding the 118s (finally found 'em right under my nose) and Volkl is sold out. Good for them for taking the kid's market seriously.
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Yeah the shops are sold out but I found them online pretty quickly. Totally agree re Volkl taking kids gear seriously. There is so little out there that is anything more than a toy....especially when it comes to boots. If you have a kid under 10 who can really ski, there isn't much out there that's real.

Where are you located? My daughter Olivia will first put these new boards to work in Jackson second week of Feb...thank goodness it has started snowing there finally.
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If you think it's hard finding a good free ski for a 7yo good skier now, try more than 5 years ago. A good dual event was pretty much the only choice. There was no such thing as a mid-fat and there were very few twins to be found.
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Yep, agreed, although the pickens are still pretty slim except maybe for park/pipe type skis.

But yes, that's why I said "especially when it comes to boots." If a kid is not at least a 19.5 mondo and tall enough to handle the cuff height of the four buckle junior racing boots, there is very little out there that deals with the angles, alignment, flex issues in any serious way. My daughter's an 18.5, maybe could fill out a 19.5 if need be. She tried on a Tecnica Agent 65 in 19.5 and it was like she put on something made for a kid twice her leg size. The Lange Team 7 (or former Comp 50) is close to all there is that is a real boot that someone her size or even a little smaller can use well. The Team 8 (former Comp 60), Rossi Radical Jr, Tecnica Agent 65 are all too tall, too heavy, too hard to flex. In a year or two she'll probably be ready for them. On the other end, the boots made in 15.5-18.5 tend to be toys. So there's a big gap there for kids between ages 5 and 9 who can really ski. Most of what's sold seems like it's just meant to be a hard plastic mold to hold their feet in place while they snowplow.
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 I saw a pair of 17.5 Team 7s yesterday. We had really good luck with the T-Kid 40 when we were in the smaller sizes.
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 Bindings came in today, the mini-Goats are mounted up and ready to go and we even have some snow for them.

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 I can't wait to see the TR when she gets on these!!
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 Update - she loves the mini-goats. Hasn't skied on anything else all season and doesn't want to. There is probably a pair of Fischer hole skis in her future for next season, but these are in the quiver to stay. She prefers them over her old skis in all conditions, and they don't seem to be creating any bad habits. In fact, I think they keep her out of the backseat. I saw her go back there once. With no tail to lean on, they gave her instant feedback not to do that again. On Friday she was skiing in a lesson on coral like frozen crud with an inch or so of new on top and seemed to make a convert out of her other classmates and her (rocker skeptic) instructor. The 12 yo kid said "she's not better than me, it's her skis"  and the instructor said "she could do things we couldn't do" on them.

btw - the ski is wood core if anyone was wondering.
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 yep A is pretty hard to follow in trees. especially when she slarves in to spaces about 150 cm wide and your skis are about 30cm to long to take the line.

TC I promise a TR next year. 
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Are there any other options coming  next year?  Currently looking for a 118, please let me know of a pair if you see them? Thanks.
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 PJ has another pair of 118s at Race Stock Sports www.racestocksports.com
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Good to know...DS is 8 and rocking the 118 Mantra Jr right now (jumps powder).  He might need to size up next year but they no longer make the Mantra for kiddos...the Goats might work for him then.

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mtnbikegirl wrote:

Good to know...DS is 8 and rocking the 118 Mantra Jr right now (jumps powder)

My boy is 9 now (not small) and is a very good skier, he's on twin tip 128's this year that have a narrow waist and not to much shape, they come up to his teeth.  At 8 he had Juvy tt 118's and at 7 had Juvy 110's, we seem to be going up 10 cm/yr.  I think it is very important for kids to have easy turning skis and not be intimidated by length and they've got to have tt's so they can work on their switch. :)

It seems most of the twin tips have gotten wider for the little ones, I've been looking around for a pair of 128 twin tips for next year that have a relative narrow waist and not to much shape.  I saw a pair of Nordica Ace of Spades in PC a few weeks back that aren't to wide, I think they are wood core, no metal and fairly light. 102-72-92.  This is what he'll ride next year I think.

Here's a video showing how the 128's work for him this year.

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Where are you all mounting bindings on the Gotama Jr?


There are three lines, my son skied these last year mounted with boot center at the center mark and he did great on them.  He has race skis for hard pack days so these are pretty much for powder.  He skied trees, bumps and powder pretty well on them last year.


He has bigger boots now, just a hair longer than the binding adjustment max so I am going to have them re-mounted.   Should I move the center of boot forward or back from the center mark?



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What you are going to mount them with will depend on if his boots have a junior sole or not. If you have to accommodate that, it will change your options. My daughter is on Tyrolia 7.5s so that I have the flexibility of the rail when her boot size changes. When she outgrows these skis, I am actually thinking about putting her on a Marker Tour F10 so she can skin from time to time.

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The bindings are Look Nova Jr. bindings.

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