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Course setting

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I am looking for opinions on measuring race courses.

The last race I was at, during inspection with my team, I measured vertically 6 ski lengths @ 165cm (~10m) between gates then as pitch increased the interval was more like 5  ski lengths (8.5m).  The offset increased as expected.

After the race the course setter indicated he measured the course at 11 m with a tape, gate to gate.  On the pitch the offset drew the vertical under the prescribed K2 minimum as I understand to be the vertical measurement between gates.

Is the course setter right in maintaining his 11m gate to gate, or should he have been measuring the vertical then applying the offset?
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Good questions arrgee. The race forum would probably have been a better place for this thread. Im also interested to hear what the experts have to say. I have built racing courses for our club races twise now and measured about 6 ski lengths vertical and less offset when flat. On the steep at the end I have increased the vertical to 7 and increased offset as well. The racers have liked the courses. Decreasing the vertical and increasing offset like you are saying sounds very demanding.
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7 lenghts and offset takes you above 12m which is the max now I believe (or is it 13?). I usually set between 9-10 on pitches and 10-12 on flats. I think it all depends on the pitch and the athletes your setting for. I have set courses where 8m and huge offset made sens because it kept the speed down and increased the finish rate which would have been retarded if the course was open.

I always understood the distances rules as being gate to gate directly.
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Distances are measured pin to pin, not the sum of vertical drop plus offset. The description of "Vertical Distance" in the local rulebooks may be a bit ambiguous, but the measurement method follows the FIS ICR.

For the AOSD region, recommended distance for K2 SL courses is 10 to 12 meters.  The maximum distance in the ICR is 12 meters for K1 & K2 (13m is the adult max).  Minimum is 6 meters.  Delays & combinations have a few more details thrown in for good measure.

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