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Do a little dance, Make a little snow...

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Hey every one! I said I would update y'all on my progress and experiences as a Director. I've been slacking lately so here goes.

We've been open only on weekends so far, but things are going smoothly. Mostly because business is slow and it's hard to screw it all up when I'm only pumping out 6 or 7 lessons a day. My staff and I have spent a bunch of time skiing and training.

I went to Big Sky for a week recently and I'm on the path to becoming a Division Clinician/Examiner... Whatever that does for me. The week was great! My clinician was a D-Team guy named Charlie McCarthur and boy can he ski. Smooth like a snake's belly! I learned a lot from him and some others in my group and I found that I have a decent handle on things as far as the tech. stuff goes, I could use a little work on my skiing but it's all just splitting hairs.

My crew handled things well for the two days I was gone and I was pleased to see that most of the adult lessons going out are under programs and prices that I introduced and implemented. It's always nice to see an idea work out as planned. The instructors even like it which makes it all that much easier!

On a somber note, the area is going through a tough time right now because we literally have about maybe 2 inches of natural snow on the mountain. our snowmaking is a slow process on its best days and we're really struggling to get people up here. It's hard to think about skiing when people are still playing frickin' golf only 30 miles from here. Anyway I've got let some of my indoor staff go for awhile and cut back on training and supervisor hours... kind of a bummer because once my indoor staff is out the door they will find other jobs and be unavailable later. Oh well, I'll just have to knuckle up and figure it out.

I'm also working on beginning a race-type program here and I've got a lot of semantics to work through, as the timing and gates somehow over the years became the property of an outside group that doesn't work for the ski area. The real pain is that they haven't run a program for about 4 years now so the stuff is just laying around in someone's garage. Gotta find it. I've got about 15 kids chompin' at the bit for some race training, so I'd better get after it, eh?

That's all for now, but I learn something new every day, so there'll be more I'm sure.
Stay cool and remember... "If it's not Scottish, IT'S CRAP!!!!" (make sure and roll the 'R')
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Spag, take the extra time as a blessing and dial it in...the snow and the masses of asses will follow.
Cutting hours and potentially losing staff due to defered scheduling usually cuts yer nose off to spite yer face. Figure how much training you have invested against the labour savings...always a challenge.
You are at Ed Core level already technically...you are right the "look" is hair-splitting.
Sounds like the program menu will work...let me know. Track everything!!! Did I mention track everything? By every indice you can think of....starting times too. Graph it and then create/design price pointed programs to steer guests to the gaps....you know all that crap I taught you!
You have always had this in you...find it! Use your intuition, grasshopper! Remeber your product is the people in the uni! Nurture them, challenge them, lead them!

Dammm I'm good! I think I'll go out and take my own medicine! Robin
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Thanks Robin. Where ya been?

Really though... ZERO snow and I've got some baggage I can unload anyway. We are sure to lose Christmas as a big revenue block, so there are a couple souls I can afford to let go. One in particular. As far as tracking goes I'm light years ahead of anything done in the past. Every lesson, Every Instructor, Every hour, Every Time. My boss loves me (Except when I come to him for Money).

And just so EVERYONE knows, Yes! Robin is the Golden God of The Ski School. He should raised on our shoulders and showered with gifts and trinkets! Let us praise him on high and bask in his almighty glory, as he is the one and only true Kwizhatz Haderach! (you'll only get that one if you are a DUNE fan.) The Bodhizhatva of bumps. The Ra of Racing. The Buddha of ballet. The Sultan of Swoosh! Would that we all could become only 1/37th as cool as he!!!(ha ha)

Thanks again Robin, for all your help and all the experience,

Spag :
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Just a line instructor with no prospects in the real world...thanks though!
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Notorious Spag:

In addition to the race gang will you have a race development team?

BTW....... the race program is a main (perhaps only) incentive to keep those part-timers on retainer. We get so tired of just hanging around while the kids are in the race program that we decide that we should become useful (now laugh)!
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