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do brands matter at all?

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Hi all,
I'm starting to consider new boots.  I'm fairly well educated and think I know what I need to know about the importance of fit.  However, one question: in making a decision about a bootfitter/shop, does brand selection make any difference at all?  Given two bootfitters/shops with eqully good reviews, should I weigh brands offered at all in my decision?  Do certain brands have tendencies (bigger/smaller shafts for instance) or technologies that would sway my decision?  If so, where would I get this kind of information?   I'm looking at a shop that carries Atomic, Dalbello, Lange vs a shop that carries Head, Technica, Rossignol, Lange, and Nordica.  Should I decide at all on brands carried?  Don't say that I should check each shop; I live 2-3 hours from each and this will be a long/big visit.
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do brands matter at all? -----Yes in that you need the one that fits your foot shape---from here we can't say which one that might be.

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Just to clarify: I'm not looking for anyone to tell me which brand will fit my foot.  What I'm wondering is if many brands have the potential or if there is a place where I can read about fit tendencies (if they exist) so I can SELF-select where to start.
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tch:   most companies will have a shape that will be very close for you.  it is a matter of trying to get the best/closest shape and then making the changes to fit you 100%   (and that step is the boot fitter, not the boot)

best to find the person, not the brand
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brands are not critical to your choice with a few exceptions.

the shop needs to have enough brands to cover the entire spectrum of fits. this is the greatest void between a true specialty boot shop and a mass merchant. it is also the void between really good specialists and posers.

not all boot companies are created equal, and not all boot companies build boots that cover every foot shape well. this is why a good boot shop needs to carry a variety of brands and boot shapes from those brands.

if you have a foot that sits on the extremes of length, width, or girth, or biomechanical function, you need a good shop with a good selection of brands & models, and a good fitter.

if your foot is normal in all aspects of size, shape, function, then boot fitting is not rocket science, and the boot selection does not need to be as wide.

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