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Review discussion: Kästle FX 84 Skis

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The Hart Beat has been my go to ski for a year now and while it has been one of the best skis under me in a loooong time, I was wow'd by the  Kästle FX 84 Skis

A clip from my review:
First impressions:  This ski is light weight which makes you think it won’t stand up to the aggressive
skier, or rugged terrain, ……until you click in and take ‘em for a drive. 
This lightweight nimble ski has the power to bark like a big dog!

See complete review here
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How about sharing with the class what the Beat is?
Are we comparing the two here?
It seems as if few have tried the FX series.
Your FX has no rail system right? Can one get it with the rail or does that defeat the whole light purpose?
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 Well, smarty pants!.......
The Hart Beat is an all mountain ski that leans toward carving with  77mm under foot.  The Beat is wood core and has the ability to handle crud and chop well, while leaning toward being a groomer zoomer. 

I don't feel as though I was comparing the two as much as acknowledging the way these two skis compliment each other in a quiver. 
If I were going to compare the Hart Beat to a Kastle, it would be the MX78, which is more of a 50% plus on piste ski.
Where the FX84 is more like a ski that will do well on piste, but is just as happy to venture off piste.  Its light weight feel is deceiving as it has torsional stiffness that kicks ass.

The broad difference between the MX and FX line as you so eloquently stated in your review of the MX88 is as such.....
(ah heck I'll just copy you since you said it so well)

Originally Posted by Tog View Post

Thanks Trek.
Looking at the Kastle web site,

The FX 84(black ski) has thinner titanal sheets. It has a single sidecut radius, and an anti-hook shovel. - That's where the widest part of the ski is very close to the contact point. It also has a rounded, lightened tail.
The MX has a "quick grip shovel". The widest point is considerably forward of the contact area. It has a squared full construction tail.

MX88 (white): 0.5mm  Titanal sheet top, 0.5mm Titanal bottom. Core: Ash, Silver Fir
FX84 (black): 0.3mm Titanal sheet top, 0.35mm Titanal bottom: Core:Ash, Poplar, Silver Fir

Radius: MX88: 168: 17.5m 178: 20m
            FX84:  168: 16m   176: 18m

I would not call the MX88 "stiff"
The black FX skis are very good looking with their gloss black topsheet with matte areas and magenta inserts in tip and tail. At least in the bright western sun. Eastern skiers may just get "Dude, what's up with the black?"
 The white MX series is not bad at all in the looks dept either.
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