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recommendation on a Ski Instructor in the Wash D.C area?

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I live in VA. Does anyone know of a experienced instructor that they have gotten great results from. I am willing to travel some, but not as far as NY.

I would prefer local as I will be able to get in more lessons this year.

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*** Warning *** Shameless self promotion ahead!!!

John, you can come see me. I work weekends at Whitetail. Although, because I'm in the process of moving from Annapolis to No VA, my time is seriously limited for a while (I move during Christmas week).

I'm a PSIA Level III cert, one of the head trainers (ski and board) at Whitetail, been teaching for 18 years (Liberty, Breckenridge, then Whitetail), and attend more instructor training events than just about any other instructor we have.

If we can't make schedules work, I'd be happy to recommend someone else. Let me know what type of instructor you're looking for (male, female, older, younger, high energy, mild, etc) and I'll throw out some names.

-John Helldorfer<FONT size="1">

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geez, I'm blushing....

Gonz, you're on!
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I've never had the pleasure of studying with John H, but I've been reading his posts for about a year, here and on PSL. If John's "in person" instruction is as descriptive as his online instruction, I'd say, this is your man! BTW, if someone wanted to get a sense of the "soul of skiing", I'd say forget Ski magazine articles, just read any online posts by John H, Bob Barnes or Todd Murchison.

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thanks for replying!

which days do you teach on--purely Sat and Sun?

would you mind meeting me on a weeknight for a private lesson?

if we can work something out, please email me at janderson1@netscape.net

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Check your e-mail.

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I did not get your message but, if that email is having some problems, please try:



btw..went skiing last night at whitetail, VERY cold, but was a lot of fun...need to get in better shape though..calves and thighs were burning...sigh..I hate getting older.
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moving it up /\
/ \
/ \
| |
| |
| |
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moving it up, pt 2.
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lets go for part 3...
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how about part 4...john h..u out there?
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move it up again.
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Dude, I think John bailed on you!
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thanks guys. I figured as much...w/Christmas vacation and him moving as well... I'm pretty out of shape right now anyways, but I am working on it...started late b/c I did not think that I was going to ski much this year.

THEN, I found this forum...got excited and bought some new Atomic 10.20's. GEESH!

Pierre eh!, any ideas on some basics things to practice while I am returning to form? I am hopefully going to ski some demo days this week and next. I am primarily having a problem recovering from a loss of strength in my left leg due to a broken toe.
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Hey hrbngr,

I looked at your profile and saw that you have a qwest .com email address. When did you start working for them? About four years ago I worked for LCI, which was then bought out by Qwest. I made the commute to the Ballston building for about a year, then switched to Oracle.

If you ever get a hankering to ski, shoot me an email (gill.kenneweg@oracle.com). Perhaps we can go up to Whitetail and ski with JohnH.
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Sorry for the hiatus. My company is shut down over Christmas week, and I was (and still am) in the process of moving. It's been a friggin nightmare. I haven't skied since Mt Snow (Dec 11-15). I told my wife that I WILL go skiing at least one day this weekend, or I'm gonna go postal. This is the first time in 20 years that I didn't ski at all during Christmas week. Normally, I ski every day of it.

Once I actually start living in the new house, and can work on it in the evenings, I'll be able to go skiing on a more regular basis. (should be next week or the week after)

The e-mail I tried to send you was just to tell you what you now know, and that I doubt that I would be able to make it up on weeknights, except for friday nights, because I have an apartment up there. go ahead and e-mail me at john.helldorfer@trw-dcsc.com and we can try to set up a time to meet.

Gill - do you work at the big Oracle building on the Toll Road? I'll be at the TRW bldg on the Toll Rd and Reston Pkwy.
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JohnH, how's the move going? Please let me know if you need any help moving stuff. I'm at the Oracle building in Herndon. You can see this building from the tool road, but it's not the one in Reston (about 3 minutes away though). Have you settled in at the new office yet?

If you ski this weekend, will you be free skiing or teaching? If your gonna free ski, give me a call and I might be able to go up with you for a day. I've got some Whitetail bucks burning a hole in my pocket and I'd love to make some runs with you. Unfortunately, my X-Screams are on their way back to Salomon, but I've still got the back up skis (Volant SuperKarve). Good thing I decided not to sell them.
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I'm guessing I'm going to go up Saturday evening, and maybe ski a little saturday night, and most of the day Sunday. My plan was to maybe take out a clinic in the am, then avoid teaching group lessons for the rest of the day, since I need to chill for a while (so, yes, I plan on doing lots of skiing). The move has been chaotic as he!!. I have to go to settlement friday evening for the sale of my house in Annapolis, then probably spend a whole lot of that money in Home Depot on Saturday (ordering kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances, wood floors and carpet). We're not living there yet, as the place is a major mess right now.

If you are really close, I may have to take you up on your offer at some point. The wife can't help me move heavy stuff because she's preggo. But so far, there hasn't been anything I haven't been able to drag around by myself. I'm off Cascades Blvd, just south of Rt 7, next to Claude Moore Park.

I haven't even seen my new office yet. I hope to go out there and see it this afternoon, after a 2:30 meeting, and drop off some boxes and figure out what my phone number is.
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Let me kno about moving anything beyond your ability to handle alone. I'm pretty nearby and willing to help.

I mentioned skiing this weekend to the wife and she wasn't too pleased. I have been promising to recaulk teh shower in our master bath for a while now and she's calling me on it. Hopefully I can get to Home Depot (perhaps I'll see you there) on Saturday morning and get all the caulk scraped off and replaced by Saturday night then be able to ski Sunday, but I'm not overly optimistic. These home improvement jobs always take longer than expected. Why can't I add an entire addition to my house in a half hour like those folks on Hometime do? (heh, heh)

I definitely want to get back on the snow and will shoot for the following weekend at Whitetail. Will you be up there then?
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A whole day to re-caulk a shower? It should take an hour. I'll probably be at Home Depot (Cascades Blvd) Sat morning. Look around the kitchen dept.

I should be there next weekend. Hopefully, by then, I'll be living in the house and able to work on it during the week, and be at WT on the weekend (one can hope).
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Yeah, I know the caulking shouldn't take very long. It's the removal of the old caulk that will take a lot of time for a number of issues that I don't even want to get into (bad previous owners).

Cool, I'll shoot you an email during the week and see how things are shaping up for the weekend.

hrbngr, you interested in skiing next weekend?
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Gill/John H.

were you all talking about skiing Sat/Sun or next weekend. I need some minor P-tex repairs on my new skis--do either of you all know how to do that? (very minor--Blue Knob, rocks/branches on Thursday--a good waxing would probably take care of it)

John, I could meet you on Sunday, I assume that Gill also has the Ski Whitetail/Blue Knob discount card so we will both ski there a lot! Also, in the future if Gill, myself and my friend came to ski on a weekend, would it be possible for you to set up a expert class..so as to weedout the beginners (not that I am expert by any means) then the three of us and whomever shows up could take a lesson from you.

I would definitely want some private lessons later, but for now I get a great discount (40%) on group lessons so I really want to take advantage of those savings.

Finally, though my thumb is jammed/sprained from yesterday's fall at Blue Knob, I am also available for moving duties.

Please let me know.
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I can re-Ptex your skis if you want. What color is the base? I think I only have clear Ptex in my tool kit.

I'm not familiar with a card that links skiing at Whitetail and Blue Knob. Are you thinking of the Whitetail/Liberty/Roundtop pass? If so, I don't have that and probably won't get it this year. My #1 ski buddy (my wife) is out for the season due to knee surgury.

I think JouhH and I already agreed to just ski some runs together, so I'll stay out of the lesson plan. However, I can say that John H knows his stuff and a lesson from him will DEFINITELY help your skiing.

I hope your thumb recovers quickly. I've injured mythumb too and it's a pain in the butt.
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Hey Guys,
Don't let home depot load up your car.
Check this out. you will be ROFL http://www.geocities.com/copper6500/homedepot.html
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Hey dchan,

Heh, heh. I saw that one and laughed my butt off. I can't believe ANYONE would be that stupid. Imagine loading your car up like that and expecting to drive from Florida to Annapolis. What were they thinking???
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figured you guys would enjoy that one being that you and several others kept talking about meeting at home depot and helping each other out with chores so you could get some skiing in. I'm a DIY too.
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Hey! Too funny! I'm surprised the roof didn't collapse. Ya know... They have a Home Depot in Annapolis! And they deliver! That poor Jetta.
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