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Dalbello Blender

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Hi i want to know if the Dalbello Blender are great boots I didn't see any review or comments on them, and if they are a good choice for me, I do freeski.(Feel free if you have any intermediary boots suggestion)

Background Info:
Height: 6 foot 1
Weight: Around 190
Ski: Rossignol Scratch
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It's more flexible in all directions, where a 4 buckle over lap is less flexible laterally and has more rearward support, can you ski in it---sure, just like you could in a rear entry.  Is it a great boot?---- It's a softer Krypton in a different color for gosh sakes.
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Thanks for help but have you any alternative?
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You say you "free ski", is that park and pipe 100% of the time or some back country?
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hmm lets say 35% back country and 65% park
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     Depending on your height and weight, skill level and foot shape  you could look and some of the softer flexing overlap shell 4 buckle boots out there. 
      I'm not impressed with the wide top buckle (3 buckle boots) on some of the boots aimed at the younger crowd that frequent the park and pipe scene. These boots don't  have the ability to hold the ankle back without over tightening the top of the liner around the calf. 
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Thanks, i'll check out other boots.
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