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Mammoth Miracle

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Some background:

I am 35 years old and live in Southern California.  Despite my location, I had a pretty good season.  Last year I got almost 40 days in with 9 in Utah, a mess in Mammoth and some other days scattered elsewhere.  I am in very good shape and have been super healthy and active my whole life.  

In September though, something happened.  Still not sure what, but I woke up one morning with what I suppose is a pinched nerve.  I have pins & needles in my hand and arm and a MESS of pain in my shoulder neck and arm.  Since then I have gained 10 pounds or more and have been pretty bummed.  I have been going to doctors and all manner of health professionals to fix it. 

I finally went skiing a week ago against the advice of my doctors and when I got back to the condo the 2nd day, I wrote this short story for fun:

Hope you like it:


And verily it came to be that a fervent worshiper of the White Mistress of the Eastern Sierra was stricken with a furiously hateful pain betwixt his shoulder and neck.  Despite being of much passion and dedication for his goddess, after six score and seven days had passed, he began to despair.  Many visits took place to the oracle of Kaiser Permanente where they applied their best efforts (which were very good) to remove the burning pain which had clearly taken residence and would not be easily evicted.  The Kaiser apothecary delivered many compounds to root out the evil and while it's purchase was loosened, it still could not be shaken.  The despondent worshiper was given instructions from a wise and learned physical therapist which were intended to destroy the demon pain once and for all.  While the instructions were pragmatic and scientific leading to much hope, there was a fundamental flaw: They required the faithful to not visit his goddess until the evil was removed. 

Instead, the worshiper traveled a great distance while in much pain to pray at the bosom of his deity.  After ascending to 11,053 feet, the worshiper surrendered to both gravity and pain and dropped over the edge to Climax.  The demonic impinged nerve fled when the mistress reached out and touched the faithful.  His constitution restored, he swore an oath to love and revere his deity until the end of his days. 

Ok - I will admit that I am not 100% still, but for three days, I was a human being again.  I have been steadily improving and hope that by the end of the month, I will be able to make strides to catch up on lost time. 
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HI Carlsbad,

Glad to hear you are skiing and having fun. Hope you get back to 100% soon. Thanks for sharing the poetry.
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Funny how when we do the things we Love sometimes good things happen...  Dropping into Climax can Be Exhilarating..  I ski up there alot, and live in Carlsbad as well...  Good luck....
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Find a good massage therapist, one who loves to explore the depths of your tissues! Go once a week for 6 mo., then report back!
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Originally Posted by Simplemind View Post

Find a good massage therapist, one who loves to explore the depths of your tissues! Go once a week for 6 mo., then report back!

Yeah - good point.  I had never even had a single massage before this happened.  Now I am spending a decent amount on this in an effort to get back to 100%. 

Thanks a lot 1Sdskier and MojoMan.  Good to know there are other Carlsbad skiers out there.  Let me know if you ever need a tune.  I work for beer and have a decent shop built in my garage.  There are pictures in another thread if you want to see 'em. 
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