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Having fun for an hour

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Hi a friend of mine wants to go skiing with me on friday. He never skied before in his life. Since i ski indoors at a Skidome (, i don't think we will be skiing for much longer than an hour or an hour and a half. It's very expensive if you don't have a seasonpass (365 days a year season [img]smile.gif[/img]). Conditions inside are perfect good snow, a beginner slope and a moving carpet that transports beginners up the slope. He is 24 and athletic, has no fear of falling, i think (we practice ju jutsu). I could get al technical on him and use all the big skiing terms, that he doesn't know anyway. But i just want him to have fun so that he wants to do it again and we can go skiing more often. So i'm looking forward to all your suggestions. While you are typing i will go skiing for an hour or 2.

PS. i think can pretty much show him everything he needs to know for skiing indoors (i've skied for 20 years on real snow in the Alps). I'll leave the parallel fall line turns and hucking till the second hour
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Your friend should spend an hour with a real instructor. There are ways to explain the basics that you now take for granted.
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I agree with Yuki. Hand him over to an instructor for an hour or two and go out and make some laps by yourself. Then, just hang out and ski with him on the beginner runs for a while. Both of you will be happier for it, and there is no chance of you getting angry with each other because of misunderstandings, communication problems, or differing expectations. It's worth the money.
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Is Snowworld completely open now ? When I was there a few weeks ago they just had half of the slope open ...
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