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What length Atomic Nomad's?

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I have decided to go for the Nomads as I can get a great deal on them + they seem to be getting reviews that are very close to my profile.

I am 5'8" 160lb athletic level 9 skier with some racing background (on skinnies)

I am thinking 171 or 178 for more float when i venture off piste.

Any advice much appreciated.

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WHAT Nomads? Where do you ski? For your size 171 is good over all size in most any ski.
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Thanks for pointing that out!

Blackeyes (non ti)
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What lead you to choose the Blackeyes for the off piste skiing?  Don't get me wrong, they are a sweet ski.  I actually went with the whiteouts since they are take less effort and, in my opinion, a little more versatile.  However, for what you described, you might want to go with the Crimson's, which have a wider tip and reportedly have better flotation in powder, yet still good on the groomers.  Have you demoed any of the aforementioned skis?
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Well I ended up with the Crimson Ti's in 178 + have found them to be a pretty versatile beast.
I skied them for a week at Kirkwood and we had a bit of everything from Sierra cement to hardpack to powder + crud.

As a 1 ski western quiver, I think they are perfect - i could rail trenches on the groomers, but found the limit on all but the icy steeps where they would chatter uncontrollably. They were great in the crud - preferring to ride in the snow rather than on top, but would hold their line nicely.

They were fine in the deeper stuff, with adequate float - I'm sure that a pair of powder boards would be more fun, but I was stoked to get 3 & 1/2 powder days as it was + got around the trees just fine, despite being a bit hooky at times.  I haven't really had anything properly fat under my feet to compare, but the plan is to find something like a Gotama to complement these.
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I think I made a good choice with the whiteouts because they did not chatter on the icy steeps.  They performed great in Purgatory, which has a lot of the aforementioned.  They sliced right though the crud and the tips did not catch.  The only aspect that was a concern at 1st was when I downhilled them, they chattered slightly, but definately no enough to where I felt I was going to ski them out.  I'm going to try and take them up to Big Bear next week for a couple of days.

I'm glad you enjoy the crimsons.
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