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Retraction turn study

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Could not find my retraciton turn thread so I desided to start a new one. Here is a very simple picture visually as if it was made by a 5y old. I want to show how the CoM temporalrily drifts back at transition in ref to the BoS provided by the skis. In other words hips drifting back behind the boots. But at apex when pressure is the highest our hips are over our feet. And how the CoM stays vertically put and is moved only sideways without any upward motion causing vertical distractions in the CoM flow down the hill. Any input much appreciated.

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Looks good to me, tdk6.  Nice job.   
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At transition you need more bend forward at the waist to keep the CoM near the center of the skis.  Numbering from right to left, this would be at drawings 1,3,5.  At 1.1, both feet can be pulled strongly back to assist recentering.  At position 1.2 the CoM should be forward enough to significantly engage the tips of the skis on the snow, and by position 2.8 the CoM should be centered over the skis.
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SoftSnowGuy, Im not sure what you mean by 1.2, 1.2 and 2.8. Here is a new version where the skier is folding at the waist to compensate the hips being pushed back at the transition. Is this correct?

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