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New Member With A New Ski Question

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Hello Epicski!

I am an intermediate level skier that has been skiing for several years now. I recently decided to buy my first set of new skis after many years of rentals. I decided on Head XRC 500's (2008) because they fell within my budget and ability level. They also have similar length, radius, and profile to the some of the rentals I have been using.

Now to the question. These skis seem to have extrordinary grip compared to the rentals, specifically the tip of the skis. So much so that when when I have my skies perpendicular to the slope (either because I'm turning or performing a hockey stop) the tip of the skis seems to catch on the snow. So much so that it takes all of my effort to keep my downhill ski from making contact with my uphill ski. I never experienced this problem with any of the rentals I have used.

Admittedly, the snow I was skiing on the last few times was not great, man made, machine groomed granular, but could this be an issue with my blade bevels (currently as per factory), or perhaps a bur?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Aside from having edges that haven't been abused to death (I've seen people walk across parking lots in their rental skis), it's more likely that your new skis actually have some semblance of torsional rigidity.

Unless you've been demo'ing, rental skis are both torsional noodles (easy for the people who rent to skid around on) and are almost always skied-out (worn out).

You can bring them to a shop to check your edge angles and tune (don't let a bad shop convince you it's a tune/de-tune problem just based on your description; they're looking to sell you something and don't mind if they take some life off your skis w/an unnecessary grind and tune), but I doubt that's the problem if you're coming from rental skis.
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He speaks the truth.
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Sounds like your edges are doing what they are supposed to do, grip.

Now you need to learn how to control them by varying the angle at which you tilt your skis and the amount of weight you send to the tips and to the tails.
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That's a relief.

Thanks guys.
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