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8 days til Utah..... what to demo??

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I'm new to this forum, having lurked off and on.... I'm leaving Mass.next week for my annual 4-day Utah weekend w/ the boys  and looking for some demo ski suggestions.  We'll probably do a day each at PC, Powder, Alta and a mountain to be named later.  The past couple of years I've rented AC50s and Apache Recons - loved the ACs....
I'm 46 y.o. 5-11, 180, not sure where I fall on the scale I've read in some posts b/c I'm not familiar w/ it (yet). I'd say I'm low expert. Though most of my skiing these days is at Crotched and other small-medium NH areas w/ my 7 & 10 year old, occasional Sun. River trip thrown in. 18-20 ski days per year.  I've been on my K2 Axis X 184s for years now.  New boots this year: Salomon Impact 10s.  Soooo.... when I get to the candy store/demo shop, I'm looking for some ideas, on top of the AC50s.  Thanks for your ideas.  Mike
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Mike, Alta has a great demo program, where you can trade out skis all day long at the mid-mountain location at Alf's Restaurant/Lodge (there's a little shack outside one entrance near the Cecret lift).  The main location, where you can sign up and pick your initial pair, is located in the lower floor of the ticket building near Collins lift.  They have a lot of Dynastars, Fischers, and some Heads.  Skis that would do well at Alta and match your profile include the Dynastar Sultan 85, Dynastar Mythic Rider, Head John 94 (aka Mojo 94), and Fischer Watea 94.  I'd size them all to about nose height or so.  I have skied Volkls and Blizzards there as well.  More info here:


Have fun!  I tend to demo if it's not a powder day and I want a change of pace, especially if there's a new model I want to try.
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I would try something more exotic like midfat Kastles or Icelantic Nomad. I am also curious about Stockli rotor 106. Have fun.
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judging by the current and projected weather forecasts i'd look for a fat powder ski. I'm also curious how pcmr got on the list and and snowbird or snowbasin aren't. i'd move pcmr onto that to be named later list
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You're gonna be at Alta after about 5 feet of snow in a week...there is no way you should even be thinking about AC50s, let alone skiing them. Ping Carmen of Wasatch Powder Skis and demo some Lhasa Pows or Lotus 120s. The Lhasas are by far the most thrilling all round powder/crossover ski I have ever been on (I haven't been on tons and tons, but I've been on a handful)...absolutely perfect for Alta after some nice snow...even if it's tracked out. Light and poppy, but they can seriously charge...just enough tip rocker to pivot/slarve them a bit, but not so much that they get super loose and unstable...great in the trees of all the north facing shots east of High Rustler or in Germania or Headwall or Catherines...also great opening them up in Devil's Castle or Baldy Shoulder or West Rustler.  And they hold well on the groomers too -- they have some sidecut and they have some camber under foot. You can really drive them forward in pow and they will not dive.

The main thing, though, is that if you end up at Alta with resonably fresh, soft snow, you have a chance to get out and play on all kinds of fat ski shapes ... do not deprive yourself that opportunity! Try some skis with lots of rocker but some sidecut; try some with subtle rocker/tip rise; try some reverse/reverse; try some fatties that have camber and sidecut. These shapes all ski very differently from each other but each in its own way makes 3D snow skiing a hoot! Do not spend any time on a carver or midfat all mountain ski...you can do that anywhere any time!
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The AC50 are horrible in the light soft snow we get here.  Try something with a softer flex. You already have plenty of good options.
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Thanks for the input - some excellent suggestions I wouldn't have come up with.... i'll check back in after the trip.
bostonguy - the list has been revised: Alta, Snowbasin, PC, Powder. PC is on the list mainly b/c my buddy's aunt is an instructor there and gives us a day's worth of her comp tickets. She lets us stay at her place, then we'll treat her to some cat-skiing at Powder on her day off.
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If you get fresh powder - try the Volkl Kuros.
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Get Kuros. Forget the rest
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