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 Hi All,

I'm looking to retire my 5 year old Scrambler 8's this year for something new, so I'm taking this season to demo some new skis. I'm 6ft 200lbs and I'm an intermediate->advanced skier. Unfortunately I live on the east coast so I only get to ski at places like sugarloaf and Jay Peak.

I think I've started running into the limitations of my skis as they are starting to get a bit squirily at high speeds. I'm looking for something that works well on the groomers, but can cut through the crap that we get here out East. It also has to be pretty stable at speed.

A few of my friends have recommended everything from the AC50s, to the Blizzard Supersonics, to the HotRod Nitrous, but I figure I'd ask everyone opinion on it here. Any suggestions?