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Questions about bases and waxes.

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Hey yall.
Ive recently had some issues with the bases on my skis getting ridges perpendicular to the length of the ski about and inch long each under the bindings on my skis, does anyone know why this happens and is it a serious problem? The skis are rossignol roc zipsy's ( stiffer than the rental rocs you see on some mountains). I do believe they are only sold at sports authority and are relatively cheap skis. Also I just started waxing my own skis and was wondering what collection of hot wax you guys have in your arsenal to cover all conditions.
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 Pictures?  Are the ridges in the base p-tex, or in the wax?

Because of screws, holes, and thermal mass of the binding, it's not uncommon to see patterns in the wax in that area as things cool off.  Also might be a clue that you are getting the skis too hot when ironing.  

Hopefully, the ridges are not from binding screws poking into the base, but the Sports Authority tidbit has me wondering.  They seem to have a talent for messing up binding mounts....
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Its an integrated binding that came mounted on the ski from the factory which i think is pretty hard to screw up. The ridges are in the base and they were the same way last year when i had them waxed at the local shop so i dont think its blistering. I had the bases stone ground in the fall to take them out which it did but they re appeared after a few days of skiing. The ridges go all the way across the ski from one side to the other and are very uniform.
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Btw I will never buy any ski equipment from sports authority again. They are absolutley terrible, didnt fit my boots right didnt give me much advice about the skis and took half an hour to even get a sales rep.

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The Sports Authority I used to go to (Concord, CA.) had hands down the best deals on skis I have ever seen. 2 or 3 year old new stock for 75-100. I moved far from that store but next time I see one I'm going in for sure. Just sayin'.

Snowyphil65, its hard to understand exactly what you are describing. Can you post a picture of the 'ridge'? Its sounding like a delamination...probably under warranty.
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Yea ill get a pic as soon as possible. Probably some time tomorrow, the light in my appartment wont show them very well.
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Theyre more like rolling bumps than ridges just in case your confused
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Are you loosening the vice as you wax so that the ski is just sitting in the vice and not clamped?  It shouldn't be clamped while it's being heated up, only while you are scraping and tuning and the ski is cool. 
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I dont use a vice while waxing, i put the skis between two stools in my apartment. This problem started before i started waxing my own skis.

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You never put up a picture.  What's going on with this, I've been wondering.
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