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Mammoth Restaurants?

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Mammoth Restaurants?

The family and I (kids are 11 and 13) are headed to Mammoth at the end of March.  Can anyone offer recommendations for good / nice / fun restaurants?    Sushi, Mexican (mostly the margarita's for me) are favorites.  To throw a log on the trail,  I have the challenge of needing to satisfy a vegetarian diet and a gluten free diet.  While I've mentioned it are there any gluten free friendly markets and pizza in Mammoth.

We are not going to have a car and we are planning to stay at the Westin,  any advice on the hotel?

Thanks in advance

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Enjoy Mammoth!

Sushi, no question, try Sushi Rei in the village, great food. Mexican, my favorite is Gomez's , they have an A frame restrauant off the middle of main street, but I've hear they have added an additional location in the village..I Don't know about wheat free pizza, I think your out of luck but there there is a health food store in the Rite Aid / Home Do-it center that my wife and love to shop at that may help you.

Enjoy Mammoth

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Another vote for Sushi Rei.  That place rocks!  I went there for lunch and took the gondola to the village.  Definately worth the trip.  Just down from there is a pizza place that we ordered from, but I don't know if they can do wheat free...never hurts to ask. 

Enjoy Mammoth...I love that place and can't wait to go back. 
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If you're looking for a helpful map of where stuff is in Mammoth relative to each other, check this out.  It's pretty handy and useful for this sort of planning.

Enjoy your holiday!
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Visit Mammoth a few times a year:
We have had several really nice stays at the Westin the Whitebark restaurant is really good
My best pizza experience is Giovannis in the Vons shopping center-Go early or try and get a reservation it is really crowded.
Whiskey creek-Walking distance from Westin is really good food, never a bad experience (lots of great steaks-meatloaf etc... sorry I know you said veggie)
We ate Nevados (walking distance from Westin)  last time we were there and had a real nice meal, super crowded (Shaun White was at the table next to us seemed like a real humble guy)
Last comment, worst sushi experience I have ever had was at Sushi Rei, every time we needed anything we had to flag someone down to get help, no one seemed interested in working and the employees behind the sushi bar were drinking which I find odd. The place had an odd vibe, the combo of average food, bad service= we will skip sushi in Mammoth. Others seems to like it so give it a try.

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