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I was recently lapping the terrain park at my local ski hill, in some pretty dubious conditions. Under the tow rope, the snow was mostly dirt and grass. After returning from 2 days at the hill, I inspected my skis and found a small dent in the edge of my ski, near the tail, on my outside edge. I have no idea how this got here, but I assume it was from a rail or a rock. There is still full contact with the snow on the edge, but it looks like I have Magnatraction. The base is bulged at the point of the dent. The skis are 2006 Rossignol Scratch Sprayer FS, 168 cm in length. The dent is about 1mm into the base, leaving some of the rubber damping exposed. I bought the skis w/ bindings new at an early season sale for $200, and I don't want to get new ones yet. They have about 4 days use on them. Does anyone have any tips for repair, or should I take the bindings and put them on my new Bluehouse MR 171s?

Thanks for your help.

EDIT- Does anyone know how to get these things to turn??? After coming off several different pairs of carving skis, I can't make these things turn. I can turn my Dad's old 190 Fischer straight skis like crazy, but when I angulate on these things they don't turn, rather they hook and decide to go wherever they feel like. As I hate drifing, I want to know how to turn these. Is there any special technique?

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