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Windham/Hunter 1/23 or 1/24

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Same deal as help me get to Windham or Hunter from Northern Manhattan (I'm at 207th Street...super easy access to I-87 or I can try to cross over the GWB if that helps), and I put up lunch or gas money. Saturday or Sunday, I'm free both days!
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once-a-day-*bump* for any NY-area Bears who haven't seen this.
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Unfortunately, I won't be able to offer a ride as our car will have less than no room, but the family and I should be at Hunter both days this weekend.  Let's make a plan to meet up for a run or 2 if you're going to be there.
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There is a chance I might be going to Hunter this weekend, but I may or may not drive.   If I drive I will let you know.
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No worries, Ski-3PO. If I make it I'll let you know.

Richie, many thanks for the offer. Shoot me a PM if it all works out on your end and I'll respond with a cell #. Thanks!
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Looks like today was the day to head up there, tomorrow is calling for some rain and mild weather, so I dont think I will be going at all this weekend.
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reducedfatorero I was also going to head up tomorrow also but changed plans because of the weather. But for future trips if you can hop on metro-north into westchester I can hook up with you from there. Not sure if you want to take your skis on the train but it is an option.
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Was up at Windham today. Conditions were relatively good in the morning, but by the afternoon hit, there was a LOT of ice on the steeper runs.

Fun day though... lift lines weren't terrible.
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Made it up to Windham with at_nyc yesterday, where we got a nice day in. Like NorEaster said, pretty good conditions, a little icy at times, but I loved Windham's bump runs, and in the afternoon we went back to the G lift to catch the last rays of the sun. Windham's new crepe station at the top of the mountain was also a lunchtime hit! We had a late on-the-snow lunch to skip the crowds and lift lines, and the F lift had almost no wait and access to nice terrain. Next time we're there at the same time, NorEaster, maybe we can meet up for some turns.

NYSkier55, I actually hopped on the train to Poughkeepsie to meet up with at_nyc yesterday, and I'm incredibly grateful for the ride. The train/car combo worked out pretty well, and I am definitely willing to hop on a Metro-North train anytime and pay for tolls/gas in exchange for a ride up. If you do go and have room in the car, shoot me a PM and we'll look up schedules. Thanks for the offer!

RR, sorry to hear that today wasn't a good day to get some runs in, but I'm sure there will be more good weekends to come. They had a pretty good base of snow, so it should be able to survive a little inclement weather. Let me know if you'll be heading up...I think I'm going to try for the 31st if they have good weather.
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Originally Posted by NYSkier55 View Post

But for future trips if you can hop on metro-north into westchester I can hook up with you from there. Not sure if you want to take your skis on the train but it is an option.

Great minds think alike. That's what we did Saturday!

Picked up reducedfatoreo at the Poughkeepsie Metro North station when he walked off the first train of the day. Was at Windham before 10. Would probably work even a little quicker for Hunter or Bellearye.  (when I used to live near Brewster, I would rendevour with others on Beacon Metro North station, which is like 2 minutes off I-84)

It was my first time skiing Windham. So having reducedfatoreo as a guide was helpful.


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Good to hear that Windham was good.  The conditions were great at Hunter most of the weekend.  It was beautiful on Saturday, which definitely brought the crowds out.  Although, every time I was on the west side, you could ski right on the Y lift.  This morning (Sunday) was also great weather.  The bad weather didn't come in until lunch time and even then it was just a light mist, keeping the snow nice and soft, plus a strong wind at the top.  Crowds were non-existant today, probably thanks to the forecast bad weather and Jets game. 
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