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Thank you Epic!

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My mother had a great experience in her lesson.  You helped her remember some of the joy of skiing.  She called it a day after the lesson, so it ended on a high note.  I got her out again for 2 runs Friday and was impressed to see her making decent skidded turns down slalom hill.  Visibility was pretty bad so it was a short day, but it was good to see her navigating intermediate terrain pretty well.

Thank you for reintroducing her to the sport.
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go mom!
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See - this is the kinda thing I'm talking about!!

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 Hey, you're welcome, it was fun to ski with her and try to bring her back. She confided that she was seconds away from backing out and not skiing at all. I hope we can get you father-in-law setup for a lesson with Charlie. I would love to hear how that turns out if it happens.
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