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Looking 4 A New All Mountain Ski....

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Just got back from Alpine Meadows in Tahoe, wish I was still there because we just got a foot of new snow...

That being said, I elected not to bring my old Atomics, which are nearly 6 seasons old, and decided to demo some new skis.

I'm about 6'0", 170 lbs.

I was looking for an all mountain ski that could pretty much handle anything I could reasonably throw at it. I mainly stick to steep blues, and some blacks. I enjoy bumps occasionally, when my knees are fresh. I tried out the K2 Apache Recons, which I had a blast skiing.

I was curious if there was something else out there I should be looking at in regards to a good all mountain ski for an intermediate to advanced skier. I like powder, but not TOO deep. I like wide open groomed runs, and i like the steep slopes. Any advice would be great. I am looking to make my purchase in FEB once the sales start. Thanks!

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The list of other skis you could consider is about 50 pairs long. The first thing I would ask you is "how would you want a ski to be better or different than the ski that you just demoed"? If you don't want anything to be different, that makes a good case to buy the Recon. If you don't know then I'd suggest these two additional demos.......

#1 Dynastar Sultan 85 or Nordica Pro Burner. Both of these are wider (85mm) and more energetic than the Recon. If you try one of these and it feels clumsy or sluggish to turn.....buy the Recon.


#2 Fischer Watea 94. If you try one of the #1 skis and go "wow! this is even better", great. Cross the Recon off the list, put the new ski in as the leader of the pack and then try the Watea. It is wider yet (94mm) and is a nice all around Tahoe ski for medium aggressiveness with a little bias toward softer snow.

As I mentioned above, there are dozens of great skis and you could chase your tail until you wear yourself out worrying about which one is the bestest. The process I listed for you would give you a nice cross section of ski widths and personalities. After those steps you could comfortably choose a ski from that group and be happy for many a year (until you are ready to add a powder ski of course.............)

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 Thanks SJ. This has been a great help. I will mark those models down and try them out in the next several weeks. 

I really enjoyed the Recons, but I also haven't purchased nor used new skis in the last 7 years. So, that's why I wanted to ask veteran skiers for some advice. I was concerned that perhaps the Recons SEEMED so dynamic and fun because I haven't skied on anything that new in so many years. I know models, technology, and design are always ever changing, So, I wanted to see if there were some other sticks I should be trying out.

I really am fascinated by these wider skis (85-94mm). But they really seem to work well.  
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Originally Posted by TyRuski View Post

I really am fascinated by these wider skis (85-94mm). But they really seem to work well.  

They do for sure. The reason that I suggested the course of action that I did was to keep you from taking the "shotgun approach" in trying to find a pair of skis. It's very possible to overthink the process of finding a nice general purpose ski and then getting "lost in demoland". I tell my customers every day something to the effect that "this ain't rocket science and there are no bad skis" When somebody comes into our shop in Truckee and gives us the story that you did, we'll plunk 'em right down in front of that category of ski (~~85-95mm) and that's where we'll start our discussion. We may end up with something wider or maybe something narrower but that's where we start. Point here being, with proper guidance, you can try a couple and get an idea of the width you like and the characteristics you like........it's really pretty easy to fine tune from there.

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