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My dad at Lito's Clinic

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I just got a call from my Dad (age 70. will be 71 in march). He just finished his first day at The Lito Breakthrough on skis clinic. When they break up the group (50 people) on the first day they try to get to about 6 people per group. After the evaluation run, they put him in the top group and started the video tests.
He asked to be moved down one group because the top class had aspirations to ski Double black diamonds (this part is ok) and big Bumps (This was the part he didn't really want) so he is happier to be in a little tamer group. He is really hoping to fix some skidding problems on one side and ski more efficently. Now I'll really have to work hard to keep up with him

Sounds like he is doing well and having a good time. He got to talk to Lito for a while and shared some experiences with Lito about another instructor that is a good friend of Lito's and happens to be related to us.

I'm looking forward to seeing the video if they let the students keep the tapes and seeing the progression. I'll let you know more as I get the details.
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Dchan your Father sounds like agreat guy still wanting to learn and do better with his skiing at 70 is to be admired.
I am abig fan of lito's book and Tapes They are vary helpful So I can imagine that a week long class would do wonders for just about any skier.I look forward to hearing about more of his class.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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I'm thinking about sending my wife next year and would love to hear your dad's comments. It sounds like he's one of the best skiers...it would be interesting to hear if everyone "gets it".

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I'm thinking about sending my wife next year and would love to hear your dad's comments. It sounds like he's one of the best skiers...it would be interesting to hear if everyone "gets it".

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Welcome aboard.
Not sure what you mean by "gets it"?
All the feedback I have heard has been "Got a lot out of it" and "Great Clinic"
I think my dad went with different goals than most of the people there. I don't think there are any "Wrong Goals" just different.
My dad wants to get more fluid and efficient at his skiing. Doesn't need to tackle the bumps or super steeps. Doesn't need to prove anything just wants to enjoy skiing.
Again, Welcome aboard and I'll update you more when I hear from him again. Or you can hear my reports when I ski with him in a week at Utah
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My wife took Lito's clinic last year, and I warmed up with the group and met them for lunch. She improved greatly, and had a good time. It was interesting to me that the instructors were able to use some of their own experience and techniques, and did not need to follow a rigid program. All the instructors were excellent, Lito skied with one group each morning and afternoon, gave optional, interesting evening talks, and I heard no complaints (except about last year's dreadful Aspen snow).
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The day's update for my dad.
They are working on short swing turns for another trick in bumps. He is having to relearn some skills he thought he was getting rid of, skidding and flattening out his skis but after he told me the goal, I think I understand what they are doing. Not trying to change his skiing but give him another skill for the bumps. the dynamic Anticipation and letting the body "get wound up" and then letting the skis go "flat" and letting the body and legs unwind under the quiet upper body. A good way to get the skis to come around faster so you can turn to the back side of the bump. I'm not sure I totally agree that this is the best way to ski bumps but it is a gentle way to ski them.
I'll have to read more about this one later and see how it affected my dad's skiing.
The other interesting thing was in the lecture for tonight they looked at equipment for powder. and the first thing they said was Go FAT. Rent them if you don't own them
More later.

Take care all
Pray for snow
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if your dad is having more trouble turning one way more than they other, it could be alignment. You might want to have it checked after he finished the clinic.

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not an alignment problem. We have all had some great work done by some great technicians. We both had our first alignment done back in the early 70's. This was before most people even heard of footbeds. He had the alignment rechecked in december when he got new boots and a second check by the instructors and techs at the clinic. All say his alignment is dead on. (over 10 year old orthotic and boot cant.) It was most likely just favoring one side more than another to adjust for a weak muscle. My last instructor had me change my hip position about 2-3 degrees of rotation on my left turns to correct something and what a difference. Something I would never be able to see or feel on my own. Just needed someone to point it out for me.
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