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Utah Trip, Jan 6th - 13th with videos

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Went out to Utah from Boston Jan 6th to the 13th, stayed in Sandy and skied at Alta, Snowbird, Solitude, Brighton, Canyons and some Alta backcountry during probably the worst possible week for snow we could have asked for. We arrived in Salt Lake midday on the 6th and got to the Canyons by 1 pm, so we did get to ski for free the rest of the day, which was pretty sweet. I was very impressed with the terrain that all of the resorts had to offer, especially Alta and the backcountry of Brighton. I must say, any of those 5 resorts looked as though they would be amazing on powder days. Even though we had zero to little powder, it still beat all of the skiing I had done at Breck and Vail last year (and I had many powder days at those places). Anyway, good times were had by all and here are a couple of edits I put together from the trip....I'm the skier in the tan jacket. Enjoy!


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 Some good footage.  Was wondering what helmet cam you used.

Love Utah snow..

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I used the original VholdR camera with my own home made mounting system. The video quality came out better than expected.
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 great athletic ability and obviously very good skiiers and snowboaders, the lot of you. your observations on comparing utah resorts to vail and breck where you experienced more snowfall begs further elaboration, please oblige. i did find amazingly after 3 days of no snow, the softness of alta snow cover was remarkable and it was 30deg+ for those 3 days. also, what did the boarder amongst you do when you were at alta. any observations on the terrain difference within utah resorts and compared to colorado are invited. am an older intermediate skiier (really a beginner, 2 years into it but work hard at it) so your opinions will have educational value.
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I think the biggest difference between the Colorado resorts I skied last year and the Utah ones this year is the terrain variety and snow quality. Every resort, especially Snowbird and Alta, just felt like a playground full of varying sized cliff drops, nice lines, and great snow. I couldn't find that as much at Breck and Vail especially, where the terrain wasn't nearly as varied. I agree with you completely about Alta...the day we skied there felt like we were skiing the day after a big dump when, in actuality, it had already been 3 days after only a 4 or 5 inch storm. Also, my two snowboarding friends rented skis for the day just so they could ski at Alta.

I also went to Crested Butte a couple of years ago and found many similarities between there and several of the Utah resorts. After this trip, even though there were no deep powder days, I can't see myself wanting to ski any resort in Colorado over the resorts in Utah that I visited.

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 thanks skieast, informative. its a really good movie of how one can let one's imagination run when (a) one is a good enough skiier/boarder (b) confident (c) a lot younger than this writer.
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Nice skiing and video.  You almost nailed that double a couple of times.  Looks like you guys had a blast.
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