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Eliminator and knee pain....

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Hi new member, sorry to jump right into the most technical thread ( well mostly ) on here.

Let me know if I forget anything.

Two years ago I was fit? into a pair of 23.5 Technica Attiva Flames.  End of season, terrible back pain suspected boots.

The following fall I was able to work with a very competent bootfitter from out of town.

He changed the ramp angle for me quite a great deal, lowering the heel.  Took some off the footboard and added a piece to the toe. I would say he took between 1/4 - 1/2 inch between the two. He felt, and I agreed due to lots of ankle flexion and stance etc the boots had both too much forward lean and ramp angle.  The boots were dreamy last year.

This year, I found ALOT of room in the upper cuff, enough to make me think knee injury.  Real sloppy.  Not wanting to part with the boots because I really liked the work he had done and was physically very comfortably stacked in them.  I went ahead and tried a good old Eliminator.

I skied the past 3 days with it and now have terrible pain and slight swelling on the insides of my knees.  I would guess that the eliminator changed something cant-wise drastically?  But I don't know,so that is why I am asking. 

Don't have access to the bootfitter and so forth FWIW.

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     Have your lateral alignment checked and also look at your fore/aft alignment as that is what the eliminator will effect.  Do you have slim legs? 

     Do you feel like you are standing on your heels or balanced between the heel and ball of your foot when in the boot/ski set up.  To find out. open the top buckles and power strap of your boot and move your knees fore/aft to find the balance point---then see if the boots hold you there when closed.
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Thank you!
That is the specific answer to the "kind of" response I was hoping for.

The pedorthist that worked on the boots did the lateral alignment, which I suppose could also change as the fore/aft has changed.  Right? 

Will check the rest and get back.
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Also, I have pretty average legs, not skinny nor fat.  I *think* the newfound room may be from getting back to fighting weight after I recovered from the back issue. 
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