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Help with where to go for the best skiing in Late March, Early April (please help a Newbie out!). - Page 3

Poll Results: Where should I go for the best skiing in late March, early April?

Poll expired: Mar 29, 2010 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 33% of voters (7)
    Snowbird, UT
  • 9% of voters (2)
    Keystone, CO (Night Skiing, Yes!)
  • 4% of voters (1)
    Arapahoe Basin, CO (too secluded?)
  • 4% of voters (1)
    Breckenridge (Expensive?)
  • 9% of voters (2)
    Copper Mountain, CO
  • 4% of voters (1)
    Mammoth, CA
  • 0% of voters (0)
    Heavenly, CA
  • 0% of voters (0)
    Kirkwood, CA
  • 19% of voters (4)
    Snowmass, CO (Wide Runs?)
  • 14% of voters (3)
    Sunshine village, Canada
21 Total Votes  
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* Sorry guys, I had originally posted this on the wrong thread, it should have been posted here:


Alright, to all those who wanted to see how it went for me at Snowbird/Alta, I have put up a trip report that will make its way to the review section for Snowbird.  I will eventually add videos and some more details, but it is EXTREMELY lengthy and detailed covering all points I could think of.


Here is the link: http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/97324/snowbird-not-for-beginners-advancing-beginners-or-low-intermediates

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Hi Mario,

Sorry I didn't see this thread when it could have made a difference, the Snowbird Elite were way off for your level and experience. I have a friend who has the same brain damage from his passion for Snowbird. There is a saying, "Skied out in a Snowbird minute!" He gets pissed!

30+ years of skiing and I now live up here in Palm Beach Gardens, so I thought I'd offer some ideas for you and your's to consider for your next adventure.

As far as spring skiing goes, consider April in Vail. The best lift ticket value I have found at $199 for either of the last two weeks of the season.

Lodging is deeply discounted and it is easy from Florida to get there. Also the last week of the season they have Spring-Back-to-Vail, free concerts and stuff.

If you hit the ground in Denver by 10:30 or so, you can ski in the afternoon, just like SLC.

More wide greens and blues than most mountains have in total acreage.

A great many the the Epic Bears hang there in April.

Be advised, it can be like winter there that time of year, or spring and 50*, or both. No you won't get waist deep dumps, but it can get damn close some years. I missed one last April by two days.  With north and south exposures, you can always find great snow.

And no place in Utah has the nightlife Vail has. SoBe in CO? Almost!

Yeah, I've skied J-Hole for at least 5 weeks, UT for 4 weeks, I must have spent close to 3/4 of a year in CO and MT, all from the east coast.

My wife and I didn't take up skiing until we were 21, so we can relate to your enthusiasm as beginners.

Cool thing is that skiing has helped us make life-long friends of my crew, we are known as the Hog Squad, and we all are still Xperts in our 50s. So you guys can learn and progress to any level if you put in the miles.

Another tidbit, this year I'm heading to Snowbasin, UT because of a promise to a fellowHog, but also casue I copped a $207 airfare to SLC from PBI. Schweet!                                                                                                                                                                   Another thing, we have been going to CO in April since 1984, that's my obsession, and mostly Vail the past 20 years or so. Never a bad trip.

PM me if you would like any other ideas.

The world is your oyster!



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Thanks Snokat,


I will probably be visiting Vail this trip.  I bought an Epic pass seeing that I plan on skiing in Summit or Sierras this season, probably totaling 15 - 20 days of skiing. That amounts to $35 - $40 a day for lift tickets.  Best of all, I can know do those 1/2 days and take it easy on my body.  When I have limited tickets, I tend to try to ski the whole day and that may be to much, especially when learning.  It takes a toll. So maybe I will Vail in Spring also.  Perhaps in late spring, though I don't think so. Again, thanks for your thoughts and I will be sure to contact you in the future when I have questions.




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Epic Pass is a great start, Vail is the place to be for any beginner/intermediate, and from SoFLA, an easy trip.

Look at it this way, you can spend your time flying, or you can spend your time skiing. Nuf sed?

Word of caution about Summit County, for first-timers the elevation is as high as it gets in the US. Being from the sea level, you will even have more of an issue unless you have experience at elevation, that is why I would suggest Vail, the base elevation will give you a 2000 ft. break over Dillon (Summit County), Breckenridge or Keystone.


Snokat Al


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Altitude sensitivity is based mostly upon individual physiology, not conditioning or how much you ski.  You'll know after the December trip to Breck if you have a problem.  If so, you'll base your lodging at 8,000 or lower next time.  At any rate you're going to get good snow this time, so enjoy!


I share snokat's enthusiasm for Vail.  But the Summit County areas have a ton of low end terrain, most of which will be open in December.  Vail's advantages in snowfall, scale and terrain variety will mean more to you once you have more experience.

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I have stayed at the base of Heavenly and at Snowbird.  Never had a problem with the elevation and neither has my wife.  I am not saying we won't, but so far, so good.

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My 2 cents. If I recall, you're staying at Breck. That's about 9500 feet. I have stayed in summitt county many times. I can live with it, but I definitely felt it. Usually at night. Headache and general feeling of not feeling great. The headache situation got better when i figured out that I should drink tons of water. I'd be up all night peeing, but better than the headache. During the days, it didn't bother me too much. I believe base of Heavenly is only about 6500 feet. Cliff Lodge 7500-8000 feet. FWIW, there's a big difference (at least for me) between 7500 and 9500. I've stayed at 8K and had no problem. the line for me seems to be around 9K. Take it easy and drink tons of water first day or two after you get there. Re Vail (which I believe is about 8K, I was staying there many years ago. Friend flew up from Houston, drove straight to Vail to meet me for dinner at restaurant. Proceeded to start eating quickly. Blood went to stomach away from head, and he passed out in his plate. Lesson learned. Good luck.     

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Thanks Steve,


I will keep that in mind. I drink 1-1/2 gallons of water a day when I am skiing.  I drink about a third in the morning, A whole camel back full during skiing, and Another third at night.  I also take aspirin (1 at night and 1 during the day) every day starting about two weeks before I go. Perhaps that is why I dont get sick. We will see.  I will be there for thirteen days.  I should be acclimated, in a worse case situation, by day 4-5.

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I was speaking about base elevations, though I can see I kind of made it sound like "I don't see the variety in Summit Co."...not my intention. I LOVE BRECKERIDGE IN THE SPRING.

I have spent two weeks staying in Dillon in my early days, hands down the toughest elevation to recover in after skiing. If you go there break out the humidifiers and nasal vasoline.

We use to TRY and hike up to the Lakes Chutes (Breck) back before the lift was put in a few years back. I can still feel my head pounding. lol Remember we are flatlanders.

Today the that old hike is just a walk in the park.

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Mario, Summit County has great terrain variety, four mountains, 3 on the Epic Pass, to choose from. But afterall, it's called Summit County for a reason. While Snowbird's base is 8100' el. and Vail is 8200' el., at the Breck you are talking about 9600' el and the town of Dillon is even higher, those are the highest base els in the country. The top of any Tahoe mt. is less than that I believe.

If I'm wrong I may get flamed! lol

Here's a few pics from the top of Breck08200362028Large29.jpg08200142028Large29.jpg

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Esumsea: what is BCC, and LCC? (sorry, "duh", i missed that) thanks! L
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Originally Posted by LLBHere View Post

Esumsea: what is BCC, and LCC? (sorry, "duh", i missed that) thanks! L

Welcome to EpicSki!  You may not have noticed that this thread is from 2010.  Are you planning a trip for the 2014-15 season?  There are more recent threads about choosing a destination for late March/early April.  Although the advice in this thread is still quite valid for beginners/intermediates.


BCC is the Big Cottonwood Canyon where Solitude and Brighton are located.  Snowbird and Alta are in LCC, which is Little Cottonwood Canyon.  Both are about 30 minutes driving time from the Salt Lake City airport.

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