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Hey Guys,
My wife and I went skiing for the first time this holiday season at Heavenly, and we loved it so much, we want to go skiing again for my spring break. I have searched this forum and checked out the following threads: , and also checked this out:  From this info, I compiled this list of places to go (in no particular order):

1.) Snowbird, UT
2.) Keystone, CO (Night Skiing, Yes!)

3.) Arapahoe Basin, CO (too secluded?)

4.) Breckenridge (Expensive?)

5.) Copper Mountain, CO

6.) Mammoth, CA

7.) Heavenly, CA

8.) Kirkwood, CA

9.) Snowmass, CO (My brother really loves this place.  He says the runs are really wide compared to Heavenly).

10.) Sunshine village, Canada

The following are the most important factors in our decision, in order of importance (while some are most important than others, all must be considered):


1.) Snow Accumulation, chance to see actual snow

2.) Lots of green and blue runs (beginners to low intermediate)

3.) Wider runs, less populated (I just hate getting cut off).

4.) Affordability (Good packages/deals)

5.) Lodging close to slopes

6.) Easy to get to from the nearest city (Being from Miami, FL, I am NOT good at driving in winter conditions.)



We are putting up a poll.  Unfortunately, the Poll only allows 10 choices, so I had to leave out WOLF CREEK.  However, there website is not very interactive and I wonder how well the resort and surrounding areas are managed.  If you have anything to say about this place, OR ANY OTHER PLACE please post.


ANY info, comment, suggestion, criticism, etc. would be GREATLY appreciated.