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Skiing near Watertown, NY

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Hi Everyone,

So it looks like I may end up in Watertown, NY for a year. Looks like they get quite a bit of snow but are there any mountains with decent vertical in the area? I searched and found mostly what looked to be local ski hills but am hoping there is a something more.

Thanks in advance
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You'd be 125 miles from Whiteface (Lake Placid), probably best bet for anything of decent size. That area around Watertown does get a ton of snow, I think anything local will be fairly small.
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Snow Ridge in Turin is less than an hour away from Watertown (could be less). Small ski area but very rustic and friendly. Tons of fun after a big dump and anything goes. Sorta like Plattekill but a little bit smaller with more snow. Like a miniature version of MRG. Oh... It's very cheap.

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