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Head Raptor RS

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Hello All:

I have purchased and began working on my Head RS ski boots and have solved all the problems but 1: the heal pocket. I have a bone spur on the outside of each ankle and they kill in this ski boot. As I understand it, skiing in pain with a spur can be very bad and cause further injury.

Any ideas of how to releave pressure in the pocket? Would grind or punch be the correct approach? Moreover to further the complicate the problem: my feet are very sensative to cramping regardless of the fit of the boot (freeski versus race) so one of the best ways to control the cramping has been to ski with red Aline foot beds but they really take up a fair bit of vertical space. Is there another product I should look into which may not be as high or should I work with the pocket with the Alines since I know they work.


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Instaprint foot beds are very thin---- as far as bone spurs(pump bumps)(retro calcaneal bursitis) grind the shell to fit.
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Definitely grind and not punch.  Typically grind away the shelf above the heel pocket. and directly above the heel spur so that the heel pocket is not as recessed.

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