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Ski clubs votes for best pros

What kind of feedback can you offer in reflection of these choices? I think only club members suggested/voted on these people but how whould those 'in the industry' evaluate this group. Seems to be quite a few from Colorado, maybe that reflects the group voting more then the available talent?
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Looks like some good people to me. Lots of national demo team members. And bergie is from CO so I'd expect the over weighting to be in his area. With that, one problem with the list that I see is that many of these people probably rarely work with the general public. I know kevin in particular is a friend of mine and he spends almost all his time training instructors. Of course that is gonna happen. the cream rises to the top and the top trains the rest of us to work with the public. I'm not sure if it's ideal though. Seems like the instructors can loose touch with the front line and the clients loose because they don't get to learn from some of the best.

In some ways this idea goes back to Bob Barnes idea of educating the customer. If people knew what they were looking for and requested guys like kevin mitchel, bob barnes and off couse wade holiday (OK maybe I'm not quite in that catagory yet) then the clients would get a great product and the career professional instructor could demand more cash. Seems I end up on this tangent often, but hey, it's important.
So, ryel, bergie definitly has a good eye for talent, so I wouldn't downplay his list. Just remember that as a former demo team member, he is more in the system than out of it. One of my top 10, Eric Delauriers, would never make his list since eric is outside of the psia system. Anyway, enough of this. Until later,

cheers, Holiday
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Here is the count of Nominators by what region they cover.

2 NorthWest region
3 Eastern region
2 MidWest region
2 Western region
2 CentralWest region
2 RockyMountainWest region

Looks like it's pretty well balanced by region.

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Oh it's just some kind of bs gang list. Nothing to it.
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I don't know if they are the best. But you are going to get pretty damn good lessons from all of them.

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In my case bs refers to balding skier, right?
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Paul (aka SCSA), see top100/legends, Lito is listed there...
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It's true that Kevin Mitchel trains instructors most of the time, but not all of the time. For average guys like myself, just take a NASTC clinic and there's a good chance Kevin will be your instructor.

My girl friend and I just got back from a NASTC clinic and Kevin was her instructor. She raves about the guy. Not only is he a great skier, but he is humble as well. This also goes for his cohorts, Mike Hafer and Chris Fellows.

Check them out at www.skinastc.com.

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Bergies is a good list of talent. There are even a few Oz members.

How this list relates to a good lesson is debateable however. Most members are more involved in training instructors, racing or reping than actually interacting one on one with mum, dad and the kids.

A better list for potential clients should be based on client refferal, request and return figures.


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I think I may have skied with Kevin Mitchell at the PSIA-W convention at Mammoth last spring. Is he a fairly young guy who likes to ski in the park and pipe? If he is, I think I ended up taking a couple of clinics from him last spring at the convention (Steep and deep, fast skiing, and park).
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