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Ski & Boot Advice

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Getting back into skiing after a 7 year break...

Went last week to a local resort and had fun, but I knew my rentals were too small to fit me.

Im 6' 250lbs and they gave me 155cm skis and wear a size 12 shoe (29.5 boot).  I have large calves from years of playing football and hockey so your normal rental boot tends to pinch the heck outa me.

Im in the process of looking for a nice setup that fits me better and allows me to enjoy skiing again without having to worry about getting junk rental equipment.  I used to have my own set but out grew them when I was 19.

I mostly have East Coast Resorts that I would go to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Boots are the most important piece of equipment you will purchase.  If you purchase nothing else, purchase boots, and pay alittle extra and go to a good bootfitter to help you select and fit/tune your boots. 
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Well there is a set of Head Monster Skis I am looking at...they are 177cm just didnt know if those would fit be better and support the weight better.
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I 100% agree to find a good bootfitter and buy boots.  Further, forget the suggestions of what boots you should buy, a good bootfitter will be able to handle that.  So, how do you know a good bootfitter.
1)  They listen to how & what you ski
2)  They measure your foot
3)  They bring out 3 or 4 pairs
4)  They take out the linner to see how the shell fits to your foot
5)  They let you try them on, try on another pair, try on another pair, etc.  They will also suggest to try different boots on different feet at the same time.
6)  They know the difference between a bad fitting boot and one that can be fixed in the back room.
7)  They have free adjustments after you buy them and will take them back if you hate them. 

I can also suggest to buy the custom footbeds.  They really are worth the money. 

If your bootfitter sticks the boots in front of you and moves to another person, find another boot shop!
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