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What's wrong with this move?

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Here's a move I make as I sit in my rotary chair in front of my computer. I dig in my right foot tipping it onto its outside edge and pulling it back. This causes me to rotate to the right and puts me on higher corresponding edges. Aside from the fact that I'm sitting back, if I could project my hips forward, isn't this just the kind of move we want to make to execute good turns? I think that my chair may be a better machine than The Skier's Edge, which has only taught me to push my heels laterally. Any comments would be welcome.
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Works for me, Harvey! I agree that, beyond some possible aerobic and strength benefits, and despite their claims to the contrary, the Skier's Edge can develop some very bad skiing habits.

That sensation of, in some sense, "pulling" yourself into the turn with your inside ski, is hard to really describe. It seems to me that this is exactly what you're feeling with your chair.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Works on my desk chair.
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I'm having trouble with this. The chair is a bugger to get on and off the lifts, and the wheels' floatation in power is terrible!
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This reminds me of some acts of evil we committed on a "powder" day at Keystone when the Outback had already been thoroughly cut up, probably by boarders. (we being me and colleague who is a yank but qualified in France, did the whole Ski Ecole thing).

The snow was punching us around, until friend tried a move very like this. Almost a tele turn in alpine gear. It meant the hips were getting involved more than they ought, and there was a big scissor thing happening, but

a) it felt good, and
b) by jove it worked!

We sashayed our way down the run, agreed that PSIA would have a conniption, and hastily made our way back up the chair so we could do it some more.
(Oh, he got his level III some time back in the dark ages).
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Yeah well why not, it's the technique used in blading when the going gets tough
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ant described a tele turn, where the inside ski actually lags a little behind the outside ski. It is a sweet feeling turn and I use it often just for the fun of it.

I agree that in blading we do the scissor thing when the going gets tough, but when turning the inside blade usually leads and the outside blade follows. Leading with the outside blade (like in tele turns) is less common, but I guess one could do that as well.
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Hmm...This is exactly what the Phantom Move does. Notice that the left foot edges on the big toe edge. Try it with the left foot also on the little toe edge. It seems that the chair rotates much faster, similar to skiing when the CM moves into the new turn.
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Yes, Rick--but now we'll call it the "Harvey's Chair Move" or HCM for short.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Yeah, unfortunately, 97% of ski-boarders don't know how to do it correctly.

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You know, there's a whole movement in the fitness industry to get people away from using the big expensive machines, and have people use more "natural" tools for sport specific conditioning.

I'd say Harvey wins the prize for innovation!
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In experimenting in my office just now I realize that tipping my right foot onto it's little toe side gives much more turn of the chair than tipping the left foot onto the big toe side. There seems to be more range of movement in the ankle when tipping to the little toe side.

Very enlightening. Thanks.

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You are clearly in need of chair alignment! You should be thinking about a custom chair cushion! No sense struggling with an asymetric HCM when a proper "chairbed" will set you right. BTW, I've got professional experience with customized seating so don't hesitate to call if you need further assitance.
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