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How fast do you outgrow your equipment.

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Not physically mind you, but skill wise.

I started out this winter as a total noob. As a long time snowboarder I had not been on ski's since I was a soldier in Germany in the early nineties. So this year due to physical issues I decided to pick up skiing again. Did the research, and decided that the Prophet 100's in 172cm would be ideal for my ski level, and Mt. Hood. I was not dissapointed. It took me a couple of runs to get out of the backseat, driving the tips, and doing some pretty good turns.

So after about 20 days on ski's I can pretty much send all but the burliest most exposed lines with ease. But my ski's have started to feel anemic with reagrds to where I am at. If nothing else I'm left wishing that I would have bought something longer as I feel like i'm going to go over the bars when i'm at speed in bumps and crud. And I'm having to be in the backseat in powder.

I have some options with some really good mid season sales on a few ski's that interest me. I feel like it's kind of late in the season to be buying new ski's. Especially with the kind of winter we have had here in Oregon. But at the same time I feel that if I don't pull the trigger on something I could miss out on some good days later on.

What would you do?

Just a rant!
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you can never own too many pairs of skis. add to what you have, repeat. I don't get to a point where the skis are obsolete for my increased ability. Ability isn't changing much and my skis are pretty tough already. Your learning curve is steeper, so yeah, move up.

I'm waiting for a few items to be offered at further reductions, but there are awsome deals out there.

(you could tell us all the info on the Prophet, as some might not know the specs) There are more burly 100s, and length is a good thing to adjust to your strength / skill.
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so why did you decide on 172?
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I really didn't expect to progress this quickly. I pretty much expected to spend the winter on groomers. But it was hard to look at stuff that I could rip on a snowboard, and not push myself to bring my ability on ski's up to that level.  It was also recommended by the shop guys at both places I looked. I'm 5 foot 9. But i'm deceptively heavier than what I look at about 210 lbs.

BTW the Prophet 100 dimensions are 134-100-125. Still a great ski, but the 172 is leaving me wanting when it's time to charge.

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Really this is a great time to buy used equipment. Somebody breaks a leg or just decides to quit the sport. Go demo or rent several different brands to get a feel for length, Brand variation and whatnot. If I recall Meadows will let you try three different skis on each rental. Go talk to the guys, they will help you out. Then keep an eye on Craigs list for what you like.
BTW, if it's too good to be true, it's probably stolen. I saw a NeverSummer board "like new" for $100...didn't even call.
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I stopped by US Outdoors today and they have a REALLY nice sale on LINE right now, So I put some 182 SFBacon's on layaway.
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