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POC or Shred?

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 Hey guys managed to crack my old helmet last night in Training, What do u like better Poc or Shred Helmets
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the one that fits your head the best.

every head shape is different, and every helmet fits those heads differently. do not buy a helmet by brand, buy the helmet by fit.

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 I tried them both on, I'm buying from those two brands(those seem to be the safest brands), Decided to go with the shred, they both fit similaraly, and the shred has a 1+ on looks.
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I rock POC. Like Jim said, every helmet fits differently. Go by the fit.
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We sell both POC and Shred.  They are very popular items.  Our online inventory was updated this morning and is accurate.

Caution - Shred helmets tend to run small and we've had a number returned for exchange.  Consider getting one size larger than you usually do.
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