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I've been following as well...looking forward to the discussion(and Pics, gotta be pics, thanks for the extra effort!) of your run(s) with Bob...I spent a winter out there in '89, and have been using the thread to rehash old memories, Good Times!

I am heading north next week; Kicking Horse, Whitefish and Fernie over a week...I promise at least a few pics when I return...Praise Ullr
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Good to see you guys are getting some out there.  We went a week early and were generous and left all the snow for you. 
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I think we should have Bob Barnes add this to his complete encyclopedia of skiing.
Paging Bob Barnes!!!
Originally Posted by gregmerz View Post

Main entry: Powderoy

Pronunciation: '/Pow-du-roy\

Function: Noun


Powderoy, a snow condition defined by an experienced but eccentric man from the east after a day in the midst of this new phenomena. Nomads, PBR's and Kastle's of all shapes and sizes were the tools used to experience this new entry in the lexicon of snow. “Powderoy”, look for it, experience it, revel in it, “Powderoy”.


Powderoy, copyright, all rights reserved, 2010

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Looks like y'all are enjoying some splendid time on the hill, and it seems that the local Bears are taking mighty good care of the brethren. Sorry about Em's misfortune though.

I'm bit jealous, but only have a few more weeks to wait before I get to make some turns of my own.

Just thought I'd post up a slightly more flattering shot of Fireball, rather that subject him to be remembered by some of the less graceful circumstances he's been captured in on this thread.

Sorry to miss your B'day SIJ. I'll try and remember to send off a card when I get back to the states.

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Bazz - sorry you couldn't make it.   Thanks for posting that photo, I think my lower leg angulation was off by roughly .5 degrees - I'll have to work on that.   We were skiing with TPJ yesterday just below Toilet Bowl and had a chuckle recounting our tale there last year where your buddy fell on the traverse and TPJ had to haul him out!

TODAY'S REPORT: Tons of fun today - lots and lots and lots of snow.   Didn't find a bad line on the mountain.    Took the gondi first thing and headed over to Thunder for a few laps.   Then met up with Bob Peters and took the tram to the top, to the quad and then a Thunder run.   Always a pleasure to ski with Bob, and he always knows where the good stuff is.  

Sorry I am too busy having fun out there to take photos.   I will say this: there were these white dots on my goggles all day long!  As the saying goes: "free refills!"  Sounds like it'll continue overnight and keep snowing tomorrow.

Finn, hate that you left on the best day.   Let's definitely try to hook up again this season - had a blast rockin' the mountain with you.
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Once it started snowing a few days ago, it just kept going. The mountain skis great and having Bob, SIJ, TPJ and Blaze take us to the good stuff is a special treat. Yup, those locals are really condescending .

No pics from me either, nobody would wait to let me take out my camera.

At 4 pm it was still dumping at the top of gondi. Tomorrow is going to totally suck!
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Pics to follow shortly. By far the best day of the year. LP and I had a few EPIC runs!
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 I'll admit that I looked at the web cams a few times today and thought to myself.......Whoo Hoo, it looks like they're getting some amazing snow!!
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 What a day. I don't know how hard it was snowing but at times it was between 1-2" an hour. Major dumpage. 
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Made it back home after a day with the Bears.  Much better drive home than the drive up from Rock Springs - it took an extra hour to get to JH.  The worse the drive, the better the skiing, however.

Like Philpug said, dumped all day.  Not much in the way of camera action with it snowing so hard.  Lots of great runs, and a major improvement coverage-wise from 2 weeks ago.  Did a complete forward roll biff on Downhill that nobody witnessed (sometimes skiing in the back has it's advantages).  Spikedog Jr was having fun all day.  Following Blaze in the afternoon was like following a bottle rocket.  Thanks to Bob for the mid-day runs - always a pleasure.  I'm going to sleep until noon tomorrow.
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This is the winner.  Living Proof, another friend and I were skiing and we had to slide slip this area.   We had blower pow all the way down and figured the exit may be dicey, but went anyway. 

The best 100% museum quality thigh deep powder ever!

But we had to pay the piper.  The steepness of the rock band caught me off guard.  I need to commend and publicly acknowledge how LP handled the situation.  It was sweet!  Calmly one at a time we scraped over the band.  I was ahead by a minute or so.  My skis took it well.  I can't speak for Mike's skis though.

I glad I took this crappy iPhone pic.  LP is a bad ass.  Really steep it was!  He 'da Man!

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Living Proof... Sweet!

Originally Posted by Skiing-in-Jackson View Post

.  LP is a bad ass.  Really steep it was!  He 'da Man!

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Thanks for all the well wishes guys!! Spending time in the box apparently was a smart move - and for those of you that know me, actually required me to sit still all afternoon. Knee is progressing nicely with regular ice downs, some TLC and plenty of vitamin I. I spent all Wednesday on the green groomers with one run down Werner off of AV. Yesterday, I took a lesson with TPJ and other than one scarey headfirst plant into a hidden bump, survived with nothing worse than soreness and some swelling. Lesson rocked -- l got to see some areas I would have never found myself, work on some nagging tecnique issues and ski some phenominal stuff that I was actually capable of skiing! It was such a confidence boost!! I could really feel some stuff come together by the end of the day - thanks TPJ!!! Finished off the day with a killer hunk of buffalo meat at the gunbarrel. Today's the last day - I'm tired and sore - but ready to rock it for one more day! (Bring on that vitamin I)
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 lovebug, glad your injury wasn't more serious, especially glad you got a chance to have a great lesson on a powder day.
Have fun on the last day of this great trip!!
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At Gondi opening, SIJ took me on a magic 2 hour powder ride! Stephen was gushing " best snow of the season day". A pic from the top of Sublette chair.

The picture SIJ posted of me climbing down the rock wall was the final 15 verticle feet of my first official JH poach. As Finndog would say "tasty". Skiing a pow day with someone who knows the mountain as well as SIJ is just special. WOW! Stephen's off to ski with his family, me to the Tram.

At the Tram base, Team Chartruse (Bop and  Phil, Firball in between)

At the summit
Rachel, Kawo, Bob Peters, Fireball, Spike Dog, Phil, Spike Dog's son

One run with them destroyed my legs and mojo. They all ski above my level and the visibility was marginal, so, I let them to be free of the group anchor.

Lunch with SIJ' family 

Blaze circled by sisters Maris, Liberty, and Eden. Eden's a hula-hoop champion we found out on a tram ride.

I finished a short, but spectacular day doing a couple of runs with Blaze and Lolapug. Blaze has been on skis all his life at JH, and, skis like it. Nice young guy to talk to, he had some fun with us, but we turned him over to the Phil, Racel, Kawo, Fireball group for him to finish the day off with.

Lolapug gettin it done

I'm still smiling as I write this, great day.

Today, still snowing. Legs have too much lactic acid. There will be a price to be paid for another day in paradise.
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 Yesterday was a great day. Conditions off of Sublet and Thunder were incredible, we where hitting shots that routinely came over the thighs and had quite a few chest shots. As LP said, we got to ski with Bob Peters and hit some little nooks & crannies that we usually would have missed. Blaze is a blast to ski with and had a ton of fun with him. 

Noofus had the scare of the day at the end..all I can say it, thank you for cell phones, if not, we could be down one skier today. 
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Fireball just heard the JH update. 12 inches since close of lifts yesterday. Still coming down!
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 Report: 12" since the lifts closed yesterday....and if I know how the JH reports have been...it is more that that. 
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Officially- I miss Finn. He is missing out and should be here.
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Originally Posted by Skiing-in-Jackson View Post

Officially- I miss Finn. He is missing out and should be here.

Who? We need to live in the "now".

Seriously, Finn should be here, I miss one of my main ski dogs. 
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Oh man, I'll be there 2/5-2/14...please let JHMR get some dumps like this around then! Any of you JH locals who want to connect, let me know. I used to ski Jackson a week a year throughout the 90s but haven't been there in 10 years...cannot wait to get re-acquainted...plus, last time I was there was before they opened the access gates to the sidecountry stuff. I need a guide!

I was at Alta for a couple days week before last while doing some biz in SLC...man, did I show up there a week too early...I sure hope my timing works out better for JHMR.

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Best ski day of the year at JH.   That was the buzz from the locals.

By far the best day of our trip, so much so that a few crafty negotiations with Delta and I'm staying until Wednesday!   It was puking all day today - tomorrow is going to be awesome.   Forecast calls for some continued snow through Wednesday.

I think Phil took a few pictures today.   Lots and lots of fun.   Maybe I'll save the $100 change fee with Delta and just move out here permanently...
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 I do have a bunch of pics that I would like to post, but the hotel net is too slow. Yes, this is the best ski day I ever had in Jackson, we were getting numerous chest and face shots in Saratoga Bowl and some great pillow drops in the Mushroom Chutes. 
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Originally Posted by Skiing-in-Jackson View Post

Officially- I miss Finn. He is missing out and should be here.

Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

Who? We need to live in the "now".

Seriously, Finn should be here, I miss one of my main ski dogs. 

Seriously as I was watching the web cams earlier today I was thinking that Finn was robbed.  He's the guy who charms the mountains for snow and he had to leave before this amazing dump.
Finn, may your snow karma smile on you where ever you ski next!
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Best. Day. Ever. My first deep day on a forefoot rocker 125 mm ski. There is no going back. Again, of the 47 or so days I've skied this year, all but two have been on the Atomic Atlas.
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 Today was, Indeed, the best day of the year...  So Far!  Tomorrow might be even better!  Fireball, glad your going to be staying a few extra days.  Maybe we can hook up for a few runs tomorrow afternoon.  I had a great time skiing with Lovebug yesterday and was psyched that she and noofus stepped up their game today and got some freshies from The Tram!  I also had fun skiing with Fireball, Rachel, Tyler, and Kawo at Jackson and Targhee.  Great times and thanks for bringing the snow.  
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 And remember.."It's the altitude". 
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Here's one of LP sleeping through dinner! The waitress brought over some styrofoam cups to balance on his head but he woke up before we got a chance to use them. :)

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Oh Yeah!!!

Blaze on Upper Sundance.  Taken with an iPhone.

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Originally Posted by Living Proof View Post

At the Tram base, Team Chartruse (Bop and  Phil, Firball in between)


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