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Terrible Cramps... in the leg

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Hey all, I went skiing today with my friends and we were skiing hard for 7 hours all on "expert" runs which had a lot of moguls or just mashed potatoes. Nonetheless, I had eaten and I was drinking throughout the day but all the sudden after stopping to break after a difficult bump section my left leg on the front of the thigh starting cramping, it was the worst cramp I've ever had, I fell down and held my leg straight. I was practically yelling when I went to stretch it and bend the leg. I could not make a right turn for the life of me and then it just randomly went away.. I felt tip top the next run, but after more time in the bumps I had it in my right leg this time, not as bad since I stopped skiing when I knew it was coming. So the question is, is it just fatigue? Poor form? This happened with my fat ski's after a good day of skiing with the swine flu. 

On the runs, most of them had to be traversed to get to so the downhill leg had the brunt of the weight but I was mostly on my right leg when the left leg cramp hit. When I turn I use both ski's with what seems to be equal weight. I'm at home now and I feel fine, just a little sore but that is normal.
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Sounds like a charley horse--muscle spasm.  Did the cramp result in the muscle becoming hard and knotted?  This can be a lack of magnesium and potassium in muscles that have been worked/abused too long.  Drinking lots of water is great, but it can reduce the minerals in your system. 
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