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Bordz-Up Ski Rack

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I added a few pairs of skis to the family quiver this year and was looking for additional rack space to keep 'em hung. I had been using a couple of Racor storage racks, so I could add another one but wall space was at a premium.

After noticing the Bordz-Up banner ads and the Epic discount, I decided to see what they had to offer.

First, let me say that both Mark (BordzUpMark on Epic) and Jack at Bordz-Up were exceptionally helpful and easy to deal with.  The website lists a 2-ski rack and a 4-ski rack, but claimed they were "expandable" ... although there is no way currently to order extra holders from the website.  I first contacted Mike via PM and then worked with Jack on the phone to complete the order.

I was able to order the PL-2004 4-ski model with 2 extra hangers to allow me to get 6 pair of skis hung in 36" of wall space.  The hangers pivot, which allows the skis to hang at a 45-degree angle to the wall - which in turn allows the skis to rack nice and snug without the bindings banging into each other.

I was expecting to have to assemble the unit (or at least the extra hangers) myself, but was pleasantly surprised to find the whole thing assembled when it arrived.  3 screws later and it was hung on the wall.  The unit is built with quality aluminum parts is very sturdy and I expect it to last the years.  The pipe system could be expanded, so it seems to be able to grow as the quiver grows.  It easily accommodates both wider skis and skinny skis.

This is a great rack system and would highly recommend it for any Bears looking to hang a few extra pairs of skis.

Check 'em out at

Edit: It's BordzUpMark ... not Mike (oops!  Sorry Mark :)
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Any chance you could share a picture of the installed rack with the skis hanging?  I am thinking about getting one of these myself and would love to see it.
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I'll see what I can do fer ya
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Thanks for the review... I was wondering about this rack just today!
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 Yeah, I would like a pic too.  The 45-deg mount is a great idea to put more skis in a tighter space.
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A couple of photos of the rack loaded up.  It's kinda hard to see the angle of the skis from the photos, but they are hanging at about 45 degrees to the wall (the first photo was taken straight-on standing directly in front of the rack).  There's 2 sections of "pipe" and 3 pipe brackets.  The pipe sections are 16", so the 3 brackets screw directly into the studs. 

The Bordz-Up online store sells a 2 ski, 1 pipe configuration and a 4 ski, 2 pipe configuration.  I called them directly and they were happy to add a couple of extra hangers to the 4 ski kit.  I'm sure they could create a larger kit as well if you've got a bigger quiver :) 

Detail of the bindings nesting together.  The Wateas and the Extremes couldn't sit side-by-side in my old rack.


Detail of the hangers.  The hanger is clamped to the pipe and pivots at the rubber bushing you can see just behind the ski tips.


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