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Low Profile Boots

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 Well i guess we should start out with a little background info before i get to my question.
Height: 6'6"
Skis: Salomon Foils 182 length
Skier Ability: I am a ski instructor and a powder hound.  I have a fairly aggressive stance and love to stay off the groomers, however if the snow is really bad i dont mind rippin down groomers.   I dont have any interest in park skiing, the occasional booter is okay but nothing more.
Current Boots: Rossignol Intense i10, Mondo 30.5
Issue: I have blisters on the insides of my feet just below my ankles.
I went to the most respected ski shop in town and worked with their boot fitter.  I told him i felt my boots were too big and that i have to much room at the toes.  My heel does not feel secure and i have to tighten my buckles all the way.  
His response was that my boots fit great length wise but but that they were too high of volume boots and that i have very low volume feet.  We agreed to put some foam on the liners to take up some of the extra volume.

At this point the boots are not much better then they were with out the foam. So i have decide its not worth the effort to try and fix them and it is time to buy new boots.
The boot fitter recommended the salomon impact 8cs, he said this was a good boot and that most salomons will fit my low volume foot.
My issue is i want to know how he can recommend this boot when not once did ask me what type of skier i am.
I am interested in Nordica supercharger boots.
What would you guys recommend for boots that fits the "low profile" category. 
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You may get different answers from others here and as I haven't seen your foot I can't comment on what boot will fit.  But fit and what type of skier you are, are two different things.  If I have someone in the store for boots the first thing we do is look at feet and measure.  As soon as I do that I know what boots I'm going to recommend for fit.  All that is left is to work out flex.

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 Thanks for your response Lou
I figured that this was something best left to experts just wanted to see if any brands are know for making a lower profile boot,
As for now the hunt continues
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Just curious,

What is the width and length of your foot in centimeters or mm?  

      In order to get a narrow boot you will have to go into the upper end of race boots, for instance Atomic makes one shell in 93mm width another @95 and still another @98mm.  Nordica Doberman 130s are 95mm.  Most of the citizen (non race) boots are around 100mm.    I haven't looked up the Salomons you are in but most are pretty roomy.

      Taller folks have longer lever arms in the bones of the leg and can easily over control a boot/ski set up.  At 6' 6"  you would easily be able to push around in too big a boot especially when you add the G forces involved in skiing.
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Not certain I agree with Mike on the 100mm thing, I'd say most citizen race boots are 98mm, but either way he is correct that to get narrower to have to step up to performance boots.  It is an unfortunate part of the industry that to get a narrow boot (and 98mm isn't really that narrow, C width I would say) you have to buy a race boot.  And the word race scares many people away.

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 To answer your question Mike my feet are about 32cm long.  My foot is not that wide.  I found out my current boots are about 103mm wide, when i buy new i would like around 98 to 100.
Lou, when you say race boot i too get scared, scared of the price that is.
Are race boots strictly for racing or is that just a name that they have earned due to them usually being more narrow?

I went back to that bootfitter i worked with the other day and tried on the salomon cs8's along with the salomon falcons.
Really liked the falcons however they dont make size 30 or 30.5 falcons.
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