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Question about boots???

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Hey everyone! Well I have been putting this off for too long. I need to replace me boots. I probably wont be able to replace them until after this season, but I want to start researching so that by the time they start putting them on sale I will know what I want to get. Well one of the boots I was looking at was the Black Diamond Factor. It seems like a good boot, stiff, high quality and AT ability. But here is my question. Because it is an AT boot will it still be a good all around boot? Will I be able to use it for everyday skiing? I am thinking of getting for into touring and backcountry skiing, and (when I get the money) I would like to get a pair of skis with AT bindings in the future. Anyway please let me know what you think. Other Boots I was looking at where the Technica Dragon110, and the Technica Agent 110. Anyway if you have any other suggestions please let me know. Thanks!

Black Diamond Factor

Techinca Dragond 110

Technica Agent 110


Oh I was also looking at the Technica Dragon 100. However I heard that It actually wasn't as stiff as they said it was...is that true??? Also I have heard the Factor is a stiff boot. Is this true too? Would it be a good choice for an advanced skier??? I do plan on going to a boot fitter to try all these boots on BTW

Thanks for all yout help!
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 The BD Factor is an all around boot for front country and backcountry. Buy the touring sole to make it even better for touring. Another good all around At boot is the Garmont Endorphine. This boot also has a vibram sole and a DIN spec sole for use in alpine bindings. I know lots of people who use these boots all day , every day. 
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