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Kudos for miketsc

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Just picked up some new boots yesterday from miketsc and I thought I’d share some revelations on this matter-
First- I’d like to say that Mike is outstanding and is an expert in the field of boot fitting. Within minutes of starting the process, Mike explained why I’m having lower back problems. He told me that I’m off-balance or lopsided, I told him to leave my mental state out of this, but he quickly explained LLS (long leg syndrome) and how it effects not only my skiing but also my day to day life. Seems like I need to go see other specialist now and have some inserts made for my shoes.
Second- I wish that I was closer to Mike’s shop, because when it was all over I spent about $1 for my new boots and inserts for every mile traveled to get to his shop and back home. To clarify this some more, I did have to take my daughter to a volleyball tournament, but this did put me closer to Mike’s shop, and in the end this was the breakdown-
Total miles driven- 741
Lodging- $73
Food- $84
Gas- $88
Boots/Footbeds- $(None of your business) But the boots are Solomon Impact 10 CS
Having boots that fit- PRICELESS
Third- I think that this was a conspiracy from the beginning- I have always skied Lange boots and have started a few threads about my search for Lange boots in the South East. Some responses from members referred to broadening my boot options and trying different brands. Mike even replied and told me that he carries Lange and that I need to come to his shop and get some new boots. But when I got there, he pulled the old bait and switch on me with the old line “the only Lange boot I have is last years model and isn’t right for your foot, but I do have these nice Solomon boots right over here that you would look good in”.
Fourth- A little unknown fact about the OJ Simpson trial. What the prosecution did not know, and why they lost the case, was that OJ originally bought the gloves from a retired boot fitter.
Mike- Thanks again for an outstanding job and I’ll see you after the season to get some boots for my wife- this should also get the miles driven/boot cost ratio more in my favor.

I'll get to try out the new boots in a month ar Keystone- can't wait
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Nice to see this kind of feedback posted. 
Mike, hope your season is going well.
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thanks for the kind words---I enjoyed our time spent fitting boots and hope you have a great season
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