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Hi All

I am planning 3-4 days of skiing at MRG and Sugarbush in the next 6 or 8 weeks. I would prefer not to go during one of the MANY school breaks. I know that in the Montreal area, the Quebec school break is March 1-5, ontario is March 15-19. I am just trying to figure out which week would be the quietest on the hills.

Also, I am not sure if we want to rent a studio (1BR) condo or use a hotel. I have heard good reviews about the Golden Lion and the price seems fair, but I am wondering if it is worthwhilel to rent a studion condo at Sugarbush right on the hill for 2-3 nights instead of the hotel. It is just myslef and girlfriend and we usually do our ski travel on a shoe string budget mainly becuase we do a lot of skiing all over the North East. The cheaper the better. Any Condos at Sugarbush that may fit the bill?