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Keystone lift ticket deals

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Planning a trip to Keystone Feb 18-22 (ski 3 days).  Are there any deals on lift tickets for a 3 day pass?  I heard that with a 3 day pass, you can ski 1 day at Vail.  Is this true?

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Buy it online from the resort.
$249 for your dates as opposed to $276 at the window, and yes - one of the three days can be Vail or Beaver Creek.
www.snow.com -> plan a vacation
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You won't get any deals buying them online at snow.com.... the prices listed there are full price.   Check through other sites that will offer you deals for entire packages.
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er, actually, you do get discount online. Like I said, for those dates you'll get a $28 saving over walking up to the window. Ok it's not huge, but every little helps.

You may get a better deal buying a package, or even buying tickets at supermarkets, but for my trip later this month when I was buying just tickets, the snow.com deal was only $6 dearer than any of those options for 9 days skiing and a lot less hassle.

Good luck with your ticket hunting & have a great trip.

CW :-)
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Thanks for the tips- I also checked liftopia and they seem to have some lunch vochers to go with the tickets.  Just wondering what people's experience with liftopia is.

Anyway- change of plans as my Keystone trip fell through- now I'm heading to Vermont to meet up with a friend in March
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