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Are these skis too big for me?

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I'm looking at a pair of second hand skis: 2007 Legend 8000 178 cm.

I'm 135 pounds/60 kgs and 5'9"/174 cm.

This probably puts me in the very light category for a male skier, so I think that even with an inclination for a longer ski, I'm thinking that 178cm might be too much ski for me to handle. I'm a beginner and skiing blue runs comfortably.

I've read other posts about 'how long is too long' and I'm still not sure if I should get them. My plan is to learn how to ski at the resort and then get out and do some AT in BC, Canada as soon as possible. Then I'd like to continue using them at the resort as well.  As a snowboarder I like off piste and tree runs and would like to do the same with my skis when I get to that level.

I am looking for one pair of skis that will do the job for this season. What are you opinions on the skis and my plan?
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In a word, probably.

You are exactly my size, and I mean exactly. My longest pair of sticks is a 165 pair of '06 Troublemakers, and they're soft as butter, so I can throw them around no problem.

The legend 8000? Not so much. At the level you are skiing right now, you will most likely find these skis way too demanding, and itching to punish you for any mistake you make.

My other primary pair of skis are Atomic SX-10's in a 159 length, and I love them. I wouldn't want to go any longer though.

If anyone who has actually skied the Legends can chime in, I'd trust them over me, but my gut is that you will not be particularly happy with your ability to keep up with these guys.
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Thanks for the input Zacman. The rental shops have been putting me on 160 cms skis. I will rent a pair around the 178cm size on Monday and before the sale ends and hopefully that will decide things.
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The 2007 Legend 8k was a carry over model.  The 2006 Legend 8k came in lengths 158, 165, 172, 178 and 184.
The 158 is for lightest skiers; the 184 for the heaviest.  Going by your weight, you should be on 158 or 165.  Skiing faster might bump you up one or two steps.  Just learning how to ski would bump you down a step, if you didn't already know how to snowboard (assuming you can carve a turn on a board).

Rent a 172 and see how you like it.   If it's too long go to 165.
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A pair of 169 Dynafit Mustagh Ata are up for sale on this forum with Dynafit comfort bindings, which is pretty much what I'm looking for. The plan stays the same, but the 178 Legends are out. Now if I can only find a pair of Garmont Radiums for a lot less than $700 I'll be set.

I ended up renting a set of 165 Volkl Nanuq's with Marker bindings for tomorrow.

Thanks for the responses guys.

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