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Lange 2009 Fluid 100 vs. 2006 Comp 100

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I'm debating between the Lange 2006 Comp 100 and the Lange 2009 Fluid 100. The past few years I have been skiing a pair of Lange Banshee 100s, not sure exactly what year, at least four years old. I've come to realize they're too large. I compensate by overtightening the buckles, but this cuts off circulation in the top of my foot. I've found a half-size smaller in the two boots mentioned above for excellent prices online. But the 2009 Fluid is a good bit more expensive than the 2006 Comp. I'm told the last is essentially identical. So...are there good reasons to go with the newer boot, e.g. the foam degrading over time in the 2006 boots? I'm aware that a professional boot fitting in person would be optimum, but am on a student budget and the prices for these are outstanding. Appreciate the advice!
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buy the cheapest if budget is the main thing.

fit is a person thing,  what fits one person will suck for someone else (thats why there are 15 brands, each with 4-6 shapes)

the fluid vs comp shape is similar, NOT 100% same.   fluid is fitting more people, but again, it is personal

1/2 size will not make a differance.  the shells are the same size  (26.0 and 26.5 are the same shell, so the foot will pack the liner out to the same size in the end)


most boot fitters dont charge andy more then retail, and include all the extra work that is needed in that price.  PLUS might have some of last years boots on sale too.  Worth stopping by, try some on, and see what feels best to you, and what that feeling is worth to you...

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 Appreciate the feedback. The shell on the new boots would be 25.5, my current boot is 26, so unless I'm mistaken it should be one size smaller, i.e. 26 and 26.5 is one size shell, 25 and 25.5 is the next size down. Agreed that proper boot-fitting is much preferred.

I got my current size 26 Lange's at a reputable boot shop, although I don't recall them making any modifications, which in retrospect was probably a bad sign. Knowing more now, I've realized the shell fit leaves a good 2.5 fingers worth of space, much too big. I compensated by cranking the buckles, leading to numb feet and even some frostbite over the years. These days I pop open the buckles while on the lift and have boot heaters, and the combination works, but now that I'm finally realizing what's going on, I'm getting tired of the imprecise fit.

My feet are very narrow at both forefoot and heel, and my instep/arch is very high. Recommendations on brands and specific boots that should be on my radar? My impression is that the overall Lange shape is pretty appropriate to my foot,  but happy to be corrected on that.
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