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I don't really want to discuss this, but some of you guys seem to have some serious bitterness with religion in general and christianity in particular.
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I think (and as my dad used to say.... "that son, is where the problem started, you thought"), in context, Sci Bill's comment was so darned innocent.

I does however, illustrate the PC attitude that "we" have adopted. Every word that we utter must be examined for it's potential to offend................. anyone....anywhere.

Sometimes the sociologist in me says.... ENOUGH...... lighten up.
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The newest testament:

.......... Harb died a thosuand deaths for the sins of the PSIA...

He is placed on a cross (of skis) and is impaled by the pole of a PSIA centurion (Level III).

................Placed in a cave of snow where he will arise on........

Enter........... Paul the Apostle.
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Yuki! Brilliant humor!
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And paul the apostle was sort of a misogynist.
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I saw a little metal car fish that said Gefilte inside of it. Now That was a funny replacement!!
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So we have Darwin Fish, Linux Fish and Gefilte Fish.
Once upon a time
In an itty bitty pool
Swam 3 little Fishes....

Oh never mind.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Remember, that snow and water exist as we know it because of the special location of and the place this planet is. We are always only one catastrophic event away from all that changing. While humor is great, the reality is that just one very large meteror striking the earth anywhere can change all that.

How and where do you ski under "nuclear winter" conditions ? It's all so dam fragile !!!
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