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Big toe room, Intuition liner

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I have new Intuition liners this season; I've been on them about 8 full days and 5 partial days so far. Everything seems to be settling in fine except for the big toe on my left foot. Things are looser in there than they were at first (when first two or three toes were pretty crushed together, even folded under a bit), but those first two toes are still tight. It almost feels like the height of the toe box rather than the length.

I wore the boots for an hour indoors last week, and those two toes were yellow when I took the boots off. They definitely go numb every time I ski, but I wasn't sure if it was cold or squishedness. (spell check THAT) Now I know it's squishedness.

So I'm starting to get some discoloration and pain in that nailbed, so I think I should do something. Do I have to go back to bootfitter and do the whole heating thing, or is there something I can do myself to get a little more room in there? Will there be much more packing out in that area if I'm just patient?
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liners will back out for the first 5+ days,  as long as tehy are getting better each time you use them, great

you can also spot heat that area, and stretch it with a broom handle etc to make more big toe room
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Thank you!
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Soooo, bumping this thread because I still haven't gotten consistent relief with the toes. I did spot heat and stretch once myself, it felt a little better but by last spring I took them back into the shop and had them do both boots. I finished out the year okay, but when I tried on boots in fall, they were very painful in the toes. Felt like someone stomping on both feet. (Boots were stored in mudroom all summer, so no temp swings.)


Thus I had them reheated by shop once more, both toes, in October. I gather that's the final time I can do it ... they did feel better in shop, but I've skied three days with them, and can hardly keep them on my feet for more than 2 hr. My toes start tingling within 15 min of putting boots on. I skied yesterday, and still the tips of my left toes are numb, all but the pinky toe.


Am I screwed at this point? Would stretching the shell help at all? It's a pretty tight fit, 1 finger and a little bit. I have other foot issues that I've been dealing with, too ... hallux limitus/rigidus, new rigid orthotics last May (not for boots), arthritis in sesamoids, and so on, so I'm wondering if I've had some slight structural changes to my feet that have messed with the fit of my boots, or maybe just extra sensitivity to being squished in there.

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Are you screwed?  May be, may be not.  One thing you have determined is that you do not have enough room in the toe box and/or your boots are not holding your foot in place so you are moving forward and jamming the end.  A one finger fit works for some people and not others.


Did the boot fitter that originally mold the liners use a toe cap?  Perhaps he could have used a thicker one, which would have given you a little more room.  Are you using a molded or custom footbed in the boots?


Yes, you can have a boot fitter do (some) stretching in the toe box of the shell and you should get you a little more room, and then spot heat/stretch the toe of the liner. 


How many days do you have on the liners?  If you have to many days on them (and) you are potentially going to heat them the forth time you may need new liners and or a new pair of boots.


Good luck!



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45 days on liners, about 120 on boots

Toecaps were used, they seemed pretty thick but I don't really know

Conformable footbeds in boots, about 180 days on those.

Never any toe smushing with original liners (liner tongue tore out after 2 seasons, that's why I got new ones), I really don't think I'm moving AT ALL inside boot. Normal size 9.5 ladies, the boots are 6.5s, I believe. whatever the 292 bsl is.

I decided to go try on boots next week, made an appointment in vail... I'm tired of my toe leaking and my instep getting bitten and slipping on the ice anyway, so maybe it's time to throw in the towel on these. I love how they ski, though!
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